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Disputed and Fraudulent Transactions

Fraudulent Charges

Contact Bank of America customer service using the number shown on the back of your card immediately upon discovery of fraudulent charges. 

Bank of America will automatically send Suspicious Activity alerts to the cardholders’ mobile numbers (if on file) in addition to email and phone call. This notification can help quickly identify when a transaction should or should not be flagged as fraudulent. As a best practice, the bank suggests that all cardholders include a mobile number in their GCA profile for the fastest receipt of suspicious activity alerts. 

Disputed Charges

Cardholders should attempt to resolve all disputed charges, such as overages or duplicate charges, with the merchant prior to filing any disputes with the bank. If attempts with merchant are unsuccessful, the cardholder can then file the dispute by calling the number on the back of their card within 60 days of transaction. Please be advised that dispute resolution is handled by a third party vendor and can take up to 90 days to resolve.

Reconciling Fraud/Disputed Transactions

After you have reported a fraudulent transaction or have outstanding disputed transactions, you still need to update the transaction in Concur within 28 days.

  • You must update the transaction in Concur by selecting the Expense Type = Miscellaneous
  • Charge the fraudulent/disputed transaction to the default cost center (if it is a grant account you must change the account number to a departmental operating cost center) and change it to object code 718350 (REIMBURSEMENT DUE OU FROM A NON-EMPLOYEE). Once the credit is received, it should be charged to the same cost center and object code (718350) as the original charge, with a description of "Credit for Fraudulent/Disputed Purchase".