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Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)

What is Oracle Business Intelligence?

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a web-based reporting system used to support the campus community’s academic and administrative offices. By default, all university faculty and staff have access to the Institutional Research dashboard pages, the Finance Dashboard Pages, and the Employee Lookup Dashboard.  

Browser Compatibility

Please ensure you are using one of the following browsers when accessing Oracle Business Intelligence:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Chrome (latest version — updated automatically by Google)
  • Firefox (latest version — updated automatically by Mozilla)
  • Safari 4.0+

Requesting Access to Oracle Business Intelligence

By default, all University faculty and staff have access to the Institutional Research Dashboard pages, the Finance Dashboard pages and the Employee Lookup Dashboard.

The FAST team cannot provide access to data, change or create reports without the explicit approval of the office responsible for maintaining the source of the data. If you need access to additional resources in OBI, please contact one of the designated administrators of the appropriate office. Their contact information is listed below. Once the administrator understands the specific nature of your request, he/she will manage the process of fulfilling the request – instructing the Information Delivery team to grant access to systems resources, creating or modifying reports, etc.