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Oracle e-Business Suite

What is e-Business Suite?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a set of business applications that enable Ohio University to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Ohio utilizes the following tools from the suite:

  • Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
  • Financial Management System (FMS)

Browser Compatibility

Please ensure you are using one of the following browsers when accessing e-Business Suite:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)

Oracle e-Business Suite also requires the latest version of Java.  You can download the latest version of Java through the Software Center app located in the start menu of all Ohio University computers.

You will need to use multi-factor authentication to access e-Business Suite.

Help for e-Business Suite

Reference Guides - Some of this documentation has not yet been updated for the new Chart of Accounts

Requesting Access to e-Business Suite

All University employees will be able to access e-Business Suite using their OHIO ID and password. Some views may be unavailable based on the user's position within the University. If you believe a view is missing that should be available, talk to your planning unit's Financial Manager.