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Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

MCCs are used to classify a business by the types of goods or services it provides.

We use MCCs to control what suppliers are permitted to charge travel cards versus purchasing/departmental cards and what types of suppliers are excluded/not permitted on cards.

About MCCs:

Keep in mind that suppliers select the MCC that they use…if they pick badly, it can cause a transaction to be rejected.

Sometimes, multiple locations of a supplier may use different MCCs:

For example, in reviewing transaction history, Walmart HAS at least four different codes: 5300-Warehouse Clubs and 5310-Discount Stores, 5411-Grocery Stores Supermarkets, and 5542-Fuel Dispenser Automated

A complete list MCCs are posted here, if you want to review them.

For Purchase cards, we have very few MCCs that are Excluded.  However, just because a code is not excluded, doesn’t mean that it is permissible on the pcard.  You still need to adhere to policies, procedures, and the purchasing grid.

For travel cards, we allow many of MCCs that cover the most commonly incurred costs associated with travel and include:

  • Lodging
  • Transportation (rail, buses, limos, taxis, parking, tolls, fuel)
  • Conference Registrations & Memberships (Note: Some organizations register with an event organization using generic MCC, so may require Department Card for Processing)
  • Bookstores, Grocery stores, Drugstores, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Fast Food
  • Computer network services (related to travel)
  • Amusement and recreation services

You still should utilize the CTA card for airfare and rental cars.