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JET Requesting Access

Requesting Access

Each individual Planning Unit will determine who in their area will be granted access as a Processor to the Journal Entry Tool. If you have users who infrequently prepare and submit JE's today, you may want them to be a preparer only and designate an individual in your Planning Unit to be the Processor for their entries. A Planning Unit may choose to have only a few Processors, or they can choose to have multiple Processors. There's no limit to the number of Preparers or Processors a unit can have, and one person can perform both roles on the same JE. Each Planning Unit will be different depending on size, staffing, etc.

Once an employee has finished both the Distributed Journal Entries 1: Preparation course and the Distributed Journal Entries II: Processors course, they should complete the steps listed below:

  • In Blackboard please go to "My Grades" to access your grade for the Distributed Journal Entries II course. If you completed the course successfully, you will see a green/white checkmark as your grade. Email a screen capture of this grade to your Planning Unit Chief Financial & Administrative Officer (CFAO). If you do not know who the CFAO is for your department or planning unit, please see the Employee Lookup Dashboard in OBI. You will see the name of the planning unit CFAO in the column entitled "Organization CFAO."
  • It is the responsibility of your Planning Unit CFAO to forward your email, including your grades and your Ohio ID, to the IT Service Desk (servicedesk@ohio.edu) requesting Oracle Ebiz: OUJE: Journal Entry Tool responsibility. The IT Service Desk will process the request as an IT ticket and will respond when access is granted.
  • After access is granted, you can login to JET and begin processing Journal Entries.

For questions related to your role in the Distributed Journal Entry Process, please contact your Planning Unit Chief Financial & Administrative Officer (CFAO). For all other questions, please contact Finance Customer Care at 740.597.6446 or via email at financecustomercare@ohio.edu.

Students and Graduate Students

Students and Graduate Students will not be given access to JET as Processors. They can Prepare journal entries, and then work with their Supervisor/CFAO to determine who in their Planning Unit will be the Processor for their journal entry. If a Student or Graduate student would like to take the Professional Development Elearning Course #1 - Distributed Journal Entry Preparation, please email Kris Sano, Sanok@ohio.edu.

External Temporary Employees

JET users must have an assignment record in HR. If you have an external temporary employee who will be using JET, their record will need to be created in Oracle. HR has created a contingent worker assignment request form published on the HR Temporary Staffing page: https://www.ohio.edu/hr/hire-manage/temporary-staffing