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What is BobcatBUY?

BobcatBUY is the application used by Ohio University to automate eProcurement and payments to maximize savings and increase productivity. Data from this system can be used to negotiate discounts and decrease the number of PCard purchases. The University assigns roles to users to control the workflow of items being requested. This allows planning units and Finance to monitor funds being spent. Training registration and reference guides are available below, as is access information. For answers to some of the most common user questions, see the BobcatBUY FAQs.

BobcatBUY FAQs

Browser Compatibility

Please ensure you are using one of the following browsers when accessing BobcatBUY:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)


User Guide

Quick Reference


12.2 User Interface Upgrade   [PDF] Play Video
12.2 User Interface ERP Validation   [PDF]  
BES Program Overview   [PDF]  
BES User Guide [PDF]    
BES Price Match Process   [PDF]  
Fisher Scientific Quote Access Download [PDF]    
American Education Supply User Guide Download [PDF]    
Lowes User Guide Download [PDF]    
Lowes New Platform User Guide Download [PDF]    
McKesson User Guide Download [PDF]    
Office Depot Catalog Guide Download [PDF]    
Pocket Nurse User Guide [PDF]    
Sherwin Williams Catalog Guide Download [PDF]    
Staples Catalog Guide Download [PDF]    
State Electric User Guide Download [PDF]    
Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life) Download [PDF]    
VWR Catalog Guide Download [PDF]    
BobcatBUY Fundamentals Download [PDF] Download [PDF]  
Payment Request   Download [PDF]  
Payment Request Approver   Download [PDF]  
Services Agreement   Download [PDF]  

Requesting Access to BobcatBUY

Access to BobcatBUY requires approval from your Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO). To request access, submit a BobcatBUY Access and Maintenance Request Form (PDF) to the IT Service Desk. Basic Shopper and Requestor access requests will be fulfilled within one business day.