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Supplier Information

Doing Business with Ohio University

Ohio University wants to alert you to an active email scam involving purchase orders and requests for product quotations that purport to originate from Ohio University but are in fact, fraudulent. While the university cannot prevent this illegal activity, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate these fraudulent email contacts. Suppliers should never provide goods or begin service work without a valid Ohio University Purchase Order.

Suppliers are a vital part of our goal to supply our customers with a best-in-class experience when procuring and paying for the goods and services that are needed. 

New Supplier Setup

In order to become a supplier for Ohio University, we require:

Updating Supplier Information

How We Buy

  • Purchase Orders are generated electronically from an eProcurement system (BobcatBUY). This is our preferred method of doing business.
    • Most Purchase Orders are delivered by email from Please be sure that your organization does not filter out the domain.
  • University representatives with a Purchasing Card (PCard) may purchase goods and/or travel, but no services.
  • Please follow shipping and invoicing instructions as listed on the PO or provided by the PCard holder.

How We Pay

  • OHIO is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization
  • The University's standard payment terms are Net 30 from the date of the invoice
  • Payments are made by check, ACH (preferred), wire transfer, or an authorized University PCard (MasterCard). Wire transfers will be used for international businesses only. Other forms of payment should not be accepted.
  • The preferred method of invoice submission is to e-mail your invoice to Your invoice must include:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Unique Invoice Number
  • If a PCard was used to pay for an item, a detailed receipt should be sent directly to the cardholder, not to Accounts Payable.

RFP Opportunities

Ohio University, as an instrumentality of the State of Ohio, and per our Board of Trustee’s, must competitively bid goods and services which exceed the bid threshold of $50,000.  Non-construction bid opportunities are available through an eSourcing Platform shared by OHIO and Miami University.  Suppliers that wish to be notified of new opportunities should register through the shared platform. 

Design, & Construction Finance is responsible for Ohio University’s construction bid opportunities.

Supplier Diversity

Ohio University strives to cultivate relationships with vendors and suppliers recognized by the State of Ohio as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity (EDGE). If your business currently is recognized by the State of Ohio as MBE/EDGE and would like information about serving the Ohio University community please contact Finance Customer Care. Ohio University is committed to continuing to promote the use of MBE / EDGE recognized vendors by the Ohio University community. More information about obtaining MBE/EDGE recognition by the State of Ohio is available through the Division of Equal Opportunity.

Vendor Information Security

While the University routinely engages with outside businesses or service providers to help pursue its mission, entrusting these vendors with University data introduces risks that can have a detrimental impact if proper data-protection precautions are not in place. Therefore, to help manage those risks, OHIO IT has developed the OHIO Technology Review for vendors. This risk assessment is required for all information technology, communication, or software purchases/renewals, including “free” services and services developed in-house.  

The purpose of the vendor review is not to control the unit’s choice of vendor for an outsourced solution, but to provide an assessment of risks associated with an outsourced solution. To expedite the process, it is recommended that the unit sponsor request the department complete the Technology Review form as soon as they decide to engage the vendor for the solution.  Additionally, the Request for Proposal (RFP) process should include a request to the vendor to complete the IT Security Outsourcing Technology Questionnaire.  The Information Security Office recommends that the results of the information contained within the Vendor Technology Workbook be taken into consideration when choosing a vendor using the RFP process. 

Accessible Technology

Information technology products developed at, purchased by, or used at the University should be accessible to all faculty, students, and staff, including those with disabilities. To reach this goal, those responsible for making decisions about which products to procure must consider accessibility as one of the criteria for acquisition. This is especially critical for enterprise-level systems and other technologies that affect a large number of students, faculty, staff and/or members of the public. Under the  University Information Technology Accessibility Policy, a 3-question risk assessment will be conducted when purchases are being made to review for accessibility.


The Department of Finance fully supports the efforts of the Office of Sustainability and the Ohio University Sustainability plan. The Office of Sustainability has released guidelines for sustainable purchasing. These guidelines include sustainable attributes of purchased goods, disposal of goods, and a recommended sustainability clause for RFPs and RFQs. 

Purchasing Regulations

Our decision making is driven by: