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Business Matters

February 11, 2019
Unable to view Delete and Append button in Concur Expense

On Tuesday, February 5, the Concur Expense user interface was upgraded to a new version. Finance has received several calls since the upgrade from users that could not view the Delete/Detach and Append buttons. In some cases, simply reducing the zoom to 100% will allow the buttons to be viewed properly. In other cases, it is a browser-related issue so please ensure you are using a supported browser for Concur.

February 11, 2019
Adding and deleting receipts in Concur Expense

On Tuesday, February 5, the Concur Expense user interface was upgraded to a new version. Since then, Finance Customer Care has received several phone calls with questions regarding adding and deleting receipts. As a result, the Concur Expense Upgrade Quick Reference guide has been modified to provide additional details to assist users in adding and deleting receipts. Refer to the “Create an Expense” section beginning on page six.

February 6, 2019
Concur upgrade complete

As announced via email, Business Matters, and the Business Forum, a Concur Expense user interface was scheduled to be upgraded Tuesday, February 5. The upgrade has been completed as planned. Users will observe visual changes with no major changes to system functionality.

January 23, 2019
Petty Cash and Change Fund responsible employees and organization segment verifications

In December, an email communication was sent to all employees who are listed as a custodian, backup custodian or fiduciary of an Ohio University Petty Cash Fund or Change Fund. The communication included a listing of all petty cash or change funds for the area, a list of employee names and their associated roles for the fund(s), and the Organization currently assigned to the fund(s). Petty Cash and Change Fund contacts must verify the following information:

January 23, 2019
Grant Accounts and Internal Awards overspent balances and timely closeout

Accounts maintained in the Grants Accounting module, which include Internal, Cost Share and Sponsored accounts, may not have overspent balances and must be closed out on a timely basis. Accounts must be reviewed on at least monthly basis but can be reviewed more frequently. Accounting corrections are to be submitted timely throughout the year (sixty day accounting correction rule) to correct overspent balances and ensure accounts are closed by the end date. These accounts must also meet all fiscal yearend timelines for accounting corrections. A query can be completed for overspent accounts and specific end dates by using prompts on the Grants Funds Available Dashboard. 

January 22, 2019
Equipment Inventory Overview

The Equipment Inventory Office is responsible for tagging and reporting all movable equipment purchased for Ohio University. Policy 19.054, Equipment Inventory Control, outlines the responsibilities of departments and the policy requirements associated with properly maintaining equipment inventory records. Movable equipment must meet the following criteria to be capitalized as an asset:

January 22, 2019
Lowes catalog launches in BobcatBUY

Effective November 30, 2018, Lowes is now available in BobcatBUY as an additional preferred supplier for home improvement supplies. The punch-out catalog in BobcatBUY offers a variety of supplies plus search capabilities and shopping features. Campus customers can choose from three delivery methods: pick up order at local store, truck delivery, or parcel delivery from a common carrier, (UPS or FedEx).