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Sales (University as the Seller)

Ohio University W9

Present the Ohio University W9 when Ohio University is the Supplier/Payee.

Accepting Credit Cards

Establishing a Credit Card System

To establish a credit card system to receive fees (not student fees), contact Carole Gilkey at the Bursar's Office via email ( to explain the reason for establishing the system and the number of credit card machines that are needed.

The department is responsible for purchasing the credit card machine. Once the machine(s) comes in the department should contact Carole Gilkey to set up a training session.

Operation of the Credit Card Services

Departments must balance the credit card machine at least daily, or a late processing fee will be charged to the department. The department should print out a balancing report from the credit card machine, complete a deposit form (Excel), and forward both to the Cashier's Office within 24 hours. Policy information is available about making deposits.

Credit Card Fees

A merchant fee of 2 pecent is charged for use of the credit card machines. Departments are responsible for covering this fee. Departments cannot charge "convenience fees" to customers to cover the merchant fee.

Online Credit Card Services

Electronic acceptance and processing of all transactions using e-Commerce (credit card payments via the Web) is required to go through the Office of the Bursar. Ohio University has contracted with an e-Commerce service provider to handle the authorization and management of electronic transactions. This agreement allows the University to consistently require the vendor to take necessary steps to ensure that transactions are secure. The vendor is also required to maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and Visa Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).

Ohio University web pages developed by department personnel or outside vendors are specifically prohibited from accepting credit card data, including credit card numbers, credit card names, and expiration dates.