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Applying for and Activating a Payment Card

Application Process

To be eligible for a University Credit Card the following conditions must be met:

  • Must be an active University employee or graduate student with employee status based on current Human Resources records at the time of request.
    • Undergraduate students, non-employees, and temporary agency employees are not eligible to receive most types of University credit cards but may be eligible for a declining balance card with proper business justification and approval. A card custodian of record must be identified to assign responsibility for updating transactions within Concur.
  • An application must be filled out with business justification/need for the card.
  • Application must be approved by the area CFAO and submitted to Finance Customer Care at with a subject line of: PCard Application - <name> to be routed to the Accounts Payable department for processing.
Changing Information or Cancelling a Card

If an individual needs to change information on their card, such as a name change, organization, or plannng unit, a new application must be submitted using the process above. Training will not need to be completed in this circumstance.

To cancel a card, planning unit CFAO or delegate should send a ticket to Finance Customer Care with a subject line of Cancel Payment Card - <Name> <effective date>.

Expiration and Reissuance of Cards

All cards expire 5 years after the issuance date and will be reissued so there is no need for a new application. Cards will ship to Accounts Payable, and the PCard Administrator will reach out to the cardholder to arrange a pickup time. 

Training Requirements

After submitting a new application for a pcard, the cardholder must complete the required training before they are able to receive the card.

  • The training is online and can be found on the Blackboard website.
  • Cardholder will need to do three things on the Blackboard course:
    • First - Complete the entire training course.
    • Second - After completing the course, a new link will unlock to complete the course assessment
      • The passing score on the assessment in 80%. Cardholder will be given multiple attempts to receive this score, but will not be able to move forward until it is received.
    • Third - After completing the course and assessment, a third link will unlock to sign the Cardholder Agreement. Cardholder must electronically sign the agreement before receiving their card.

After the initial training, the cardholder must complete a refresher training course (also with a passing score of 80%) before any renewal card is issued. A new Cardholder Agreement must also be signed again.

Picking Up a Payment Card

The Pcard Administrator will order a new card upon receiving a card application. Generally, these cards arrive within five to seven business days; the bank mails all payment cards directly to Accounts Payable.

When the card arrives, the pcard administrator will contact the cardholder to arrange pickup.

  • Athens campus cardholders must pick up cards in person in the Accounts Payable office (photo identification is required).
  • Cardholders from other campuses and locations may arrange, with Accounts Payable, to have another employee pickup the card (photo identification is required) or may elect to have the cards delivered to their campus business office.
  • Remote cardholders may have cards mailed to their home addresses with CFAO approval. To request a card be mailed to a home address, the CFAO should indicate in the ticket with the application that they are authorizing shipment to home address and provide a department cost center to charge shipping.
  • Anyone who picks up a payment card must sign and show photo identification to the staff person.

Activating a Payment Card

Cardholders are strongly encouraged to activate their cards using Global Card Access using the instructions below:

  • Go to Global Card Access, and select Register Now
  • Enter your 16 digit card number, and select Continue
  • Enter in your card expiration date and security code (three digit number on the back card)
  • Next, select to enter your email, verification ID, or Employee ID to verify your identity
    • Your verification ID is OU followed by your employee ID for employees (ex. OU123456), for students and non-employees a verification ID will be assigned to you at pickup.
  • You will then be prompted to create a User ID (we strongly encourage users to use their OHIO ID), password, and three security question
  • Enter your First and Last Name, employee ID, and email address
  • The system will send a one time code to your email, enter the code then select continue
  • Terms and Conditions will then show on the screen to accept. Please Note: Ohio University has a side letter on file with Bank of America which supersedes any agreements that are agreed to in the system.
  • Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, your account will be set up. YOUR CARD IS NOT ACTIVE AT THIS POINT!!! YOU MUST LOG INTO YOUR GCA ACCOUNT TO ACTIVATE YOUR CARD!
  • Once you are logged into the account there will be a pop-up to activate your card, click Activate. CONGRATULATIONS! Your card is now active.

To learn more about setting up GCA, please see our GCA webpage.

Setting Up your PIN

Most merchants will require a pin to use your chip card. Follow the following instruction to see your auto generated PIN, and set a customized pin if you choose.

  • Select Pin Check at the top left of the window
  • You will be prompted to enter your security code (3 digit number on the back of card)
  • Click Show my PIN, this will show your auto generated PIN one digit at a time
  • Click Change your PIN on the right side navigation
  • Enter security code, current pin as shown above, and your new 4 digit PIN
  • Click Save

PLEASE NOTE: Some merchants may require that you enter your PIN in twice, once to account for the transaction and again for your tax exemption status.