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Form NameDescriptionOffice
Advance Request FormUse this form to request a Program, Research or Travel Advance.Accounts Payable
Bank Account Modification [Excel]Used by departments to Open New Accounts as well as Close or Modify Existing Accounts. Treasury Management
BobcatBUY Access Request [PDF]Use this form to request access to BobcatBUY. Must be completed by Financial Manager. Note: You may need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of your browser to view this form. To do this, download the PDF and open from your downloads folder.Procurement
Budget Transfer [Excel]This form is used to realign budgets to be more reflective of changes that can occur throughout the year.Budget Planning and Analysis
Chart of Accounts (COA) Segment Value RequestUse these forms to request new values for Entity, Source, Organization, Activity and Function segments. These forms are also used for changing names or hierarchies, & end dating segments.FAST
Contract Approval Routing [PDF]Attached to all Comprehensive Independent Contractor Agreements and supplier provided agreements along with all pertinent information related to the contract, including approval signatures. For assistance on completing the form, see the routing and approval form instructions [PDF].Contract Services
Departmental Cash Collection ApplicationUse this form for departments seeking to collect cash (defined as currency, check, and/or credit card).Bursar
Deposit Form [Excel]Used for multiple accounts except Student Organizations and Foundation AccountsBursar
Direct Deposit Authorization - External Suppliers [Excel]Use the Supplier/Payee Information FormAccounts Payable
Direct Payment [Excel]For Payroll and student reimbursement use only, For all other payments use the Payment Request in BobcatBUY or Concur for employee reimbursements. May be attached to a Payment Request for processing.Accounts Payable
Entertainment Expense [Excel]Used to request reimbursement for entertainment expenses.Foundation Accounting
Equipment Status Change [Excel]Used to report changes in the status of equipment to the Division of Finance by the department or PI that is accountable for the equipment. (Previously titled EI-8 form.)Equipment Inventory
Exhibit A for Service Agreement [PDF]Used to define the scope of work on the new Service Agreement. The Service Agreement is used to establish an agreement for complex services provided to the University by a supplier. (Replaces the Comprehensive Independent Contractor Agreement)Contract Services
External Billing Authorization [Excel]Used when a University department wants to bill an external party for goods and/or services provided by the department.Bursar
Foreign Source AffidavitUse the Foreign Source Affidavit in place of the W-8BEN (E) for vendors that will perform services from another country.  For example if Person A will complete editorial services for a department from their home in Canada the Foreign Source Affidavit would be used in lieu of the W8BEN.  Tax
Foundation Deposit Transmittal [Excel]Used to make deposits to Foundation accounts only. Foundation Accounting
Fundraising Clearance [PDF]Used to obtain approval for fundraising activities. This form must be completed and approval received prior to any fundraising activities.Foundation Accounting
Group Travel Request FormComplete this form to request group travel arrangements from Christopherson Business Travel. Travel
Honorarium Agreement [PDF]Used for payment as a token of appreciation for voluntary service not to exceed $1,500.00 (excluding travel). Honorarium agreements are intended for a one-time payment only. If the supplier will be used again in the future, please use the Short Form Services Agreement instead.Contract Services
Honorarium or Travel Reimbursement Affidavit

Use the Honorarium or Travel Reimbursement Affidavit for any international visitor that will visit an OU campus and receive an honorarium or travel reimbursement.  If the visitor will be receiving a travel accordance with the accountable plan rules, only the Travel Reimbursement Affidavit may be used in lieu of the W8BEN.  If the visitor is receiving an Honorarium Payment the Affidavit should be used along with a completed W8BEN.   

Internal Award Account Maintenance [Excel]Use to request changes in autoaccounting to the GL for existing Internal AwardsGeneral Accounting
Internal Loan Request [Excel]Used by departments to request a loan from the University. Must meet the terms and conditions specified in the Internal Loan Guidelines.Treasury Management
Journal Entry Template (for JET application)Use this form for Journal entries including Accounting Corrections and Internal Billings in the JET applicationGeneral Accounting
Key Request and Agreement [Word]Complete this form to request issuance of a departmental key for students.Bursar
Lodging and Safety QuestionnaireNon-traditional lodging, such as hostels, field stations, and campgrounds must be approved by your planning unit (CFAO or designee) utilizing the Lodging Safety Questionnaire prior to bookingTravel
Ohio University W-9 [SSO Required]Used when Ohio University is the Supplier/PayeePurchasing
Petty Cash / Change Fund Reconciliation Form [Excel]Use this form to reconcile Petty Cash & Change Funds. Please note that there are 2 tabs in the Excel file titled Petty Cash Reconciliation & Change Fund Reconciliation.  Please use the appropriate tab.General Accounting
Petty Cash / Change Fund Request [Excel]Used to open or reopen petty cash or change funds. Can also be used to request changes to or close an existing petty cash or change fund.General Accounting
Preferred Supplier/Commodity RecommendationUsed to request new suppliers/commoditiesPurchasing
Payment Card Application [Excel]Use this to apply for a Pcard or to request an update to an existing card. Changes requiring a new form include card type change, name change, permanent spend profile change, organization change, or planning unit change.Accounts Payable
Purchasing/Travel or other Card Refund [Excel]Use this form to deposit a refund for a PCard purchase.Accounts Payable
Request for Procurement Exception [PDF]Use this form to request a Procurement Exception from buying from a preferred supplier under the Affordability & Efficiency Purchasing mandate.  Although not required, it is highly recommended that you use this form to document the need and reasons for the approved exception. Please refer to the Procurement Exception process.Procurement
Quasi-Endowment Request FormUse this form to request the creation of a quasi-endowment.Foundation Accounting
Request for Waiver from Competitive Bidding [Excel]Used to request a waiver from the competitive bidding process. Attach this form to a completed requisition.Procurement
Request to Take Equipment Off-Campus [Excel]This form must be filled out and a copy sent to the Equipment Inventory Office prior to taking equipment off campus, and again when the equipment is returned. (Previously titled EI-9 form.)Equipment Inventory
Research Subject Advance Request [Excel]Use the Advance Request Form to request a Research Subject Advance, view our research subject advance procedures.Accounts Payable
Revenue Producing Account Questionnaire [Word]This form must be completed for all new activities in which revenue is generated from the sale of goods or the performance of services. It also must be completed when requested by tax compliance. It will be used to calculate unrelated business income tax (UBIT).Tax Compliance
Sales Tax Exemption CertificatesTo download certificates for the states who honor Ohio University's tax exemption status, please see our Tax Exempt Purchases page.Tax Compliance
Sales Tax FormThis form is used to complete the Ohio Multi-County Sales Tax Report.Tax Compliance
Short Form Services Agreement [PDF]Use to establish an agreement with a Supplier who is not otherwise under contract with the University. This form should be used only for those categories listed under "Nature of Service" on the form. If the service is not listed, use the Services Agreement. Please read instructions prior to filling out the form.  (Replaces the IC EZ form)Purchasing
Shred-It Container Request Form [PDF]Use this form to request new containers or set up a service with Shred-It for document destruction for confidential information.  Please refer to the Shred-It process for the guidelines for using this service.Purchasing
Sponsor Direct Billing Authorization [PDF]Use this form to allow Ohio University to bill the student's sponsor or employer directly.Bursar
Student Fee Proposal [Excel]Used to propose new student/course fees or changes to existing fees.Bursar
Student Payment ReleaseUse this form to request a scholarship or award payment direct to a student.Bursar
Study Abroad Program Advance Request [Excel]Use the Advance Request Form to request a Study Abroad Program Advance.Accounts Payable
Subcontract Invoice TemplateComplaint format for submitting expenses associated with cost reimbursable subaward agreements through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Grants Accounting
Supplier/Payee Information Form [PDF]Used to set up external suppliers or modify supplier information in conjunction with the standard IRS W-9 or appropriate IRS W-8 form. This form is required to be on file in order for the University to make payments to the supplier. For help in using this form, refer to the Supplier/Payee Information Form - Quick Reference Guide.Accounts Payable
Transact Payments (formerly CASHNet) Access Request Form [PDF]Use this form to request access to Transact Payments (formerly CASHNet).Bursar
Travel Advance Request [Excel]Use the Advance Request Form to request a Travel Advance.Accounts Payable

Travel Expense Report 2024

Travel Expense Report 2023

Used to request reimbursement for travel expenses during same-day, multi-day, and/or non-auto travel. To be used for student travel only; OHIO employees should use Concur for all travel reports. Accounts Payable
Wire Transfer FormThis form is used to collect banking information for wire transfer payments ONLY. To update ACH information, please use the Supplier Information Form.Accounts Payable
W-8 BEN [PDF]Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)Accounts Payable
W-8 BEN-E [PDF]Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities)Accounts Payable
W-9 [PDF]

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification. Used to request a taxpayer identification number (TIN) for reporting on an information return the amount paid.

Use with the Supplier/Payee Information Form.