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Covid-19 Health and Safety Resources

Over the past several months a tremendous amount of work has gone into identifying the various personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies that the University will need to have readily available as we start to welcome everyone back to our campuses to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. The University has secured bulk quantities of commonly used PPE, which will be allocated to planning units on an as need basis. Recently, a communication was posted in Business Matters detailing the information related to planning unit PPE contacts as well as best practices to use when planning for PPE needs for each department.

Please use the Planning Unit PPE Contact button below to identify the contact for your planning unit representative.  If you need to place an order for COVID related PPE you must work through this contact person to receive supplies.  All orders must be submitted through this employee to receive your order.  Orders that are submitted by someone other than the PPE Contact will not be filled.

The Planning Unit PPE Contact can use the PPE Request Form button below to order your planning unit's COVID related PPE from the centrally purchased and available stock. Once you have selected the button, click on "Material Request", then "log in with Ohio U" to enter your OHIO username and password.  This will bring you to the order form where you can request your supplies and view all products available from stock.  If you have a COVID PPE need that is not available centrally, please reach out to PPE@ohio.edu and our team will be happy to assist you.