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The Health, Wellness and Resilience Steering Committee strives to inspire, create and maintain an environment that instructs, leads and supports Heritage College students in pursuing healthy lifestyle choices and thereby honors and promotes the self-directed, holistic development of future osteopathic physicians.

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Dimensions of Wellness

WellTrack interactive online therapy

Campus-Specific Resources

Career and Academic Resources

Financial Health Resources

Medical Student Assistance Program

Resources for Students

Dimensions of Wellness

There are many resources around the six dimensions of wellness referenced above. Below are some of the specific options available to students. You can also find more information on Ohio University’s THRIVE website.

Health & Wellness Coaching

The Heritage College is happy to offer Health & Wellness Coaching by a Mayo Clinic trained and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Andrea Brunson. Health & Wellness Coaching draws from approaches in positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness. During collaborative virtual appointments we work to build upon your strengths and motivations and drive changes that you want to make. We can discuss a variety of topics, including:

  • Stress Reduction    
  • Food & Body Relationship
  • Sleep   
  • Boundaries
  • Movement & Exercise   
  • Healthy Habits

Sessions are free, confidential, and scheduled for 30 minute appointments in a series. The frequency is up to you. Most students will participate in coaching for between 1-5 sessions. 

Schedule an appointment directly to Andrea’s calendar

Behavioral and Physical Wellness

All students have access to mental health resources including students on rotations. This resource document includes reporting information for Title IX and Inclusion and has information for students on where they can receive Counseling. 


WellTrack is a free app provided to you by Counseling and Psychological Services. It is a self-guided interactive online therapy program and it confidential for students. You can monitor your moods, learn more about how to manage anxiety and stress, improve depressive thoughts and behaviors, and relax in the Zen Room. To access WellTrack from your campus, click on the link below and register with your email address.

Athens Welltrack

Cleveland Welltrack

Dublin Welltrack


Athens Resources

OhioHealth Campus Care at Ohio University

Counseling and Psychological Services

Campus Recreation

Visit the Athens Campus Student Life Web page

Cleveland Resources

Visit the Cleveland Campus Student Life Web page

Dublin Resources

Visit the Dublin Campus Student Life Web Page

Career and Academic Resources

Learning Specialist Team

The Heritage College has a team of experienced learning specialists that assists medical students with strategies on test-taking, time management, medical school study skills, test anxiety, and medical school communication skills.

Meet the Team

Residency Advising

The residency advising team at the Heritage College provides students resources to enhance residency readiness, manages ERAS and VSAS/VSLO, compiles documentation for MSPESs, and maintains match data.

Financial Health Resources

The Heritage College has specialists, tools, and resources to help you prepare for the costs of medical school.


Explore Scholarships

Explore Graduate Student Research Funding [PDF]

Medical Student Assistance Program

The Heritage College has a dedicated committee of professionals who serve on the Medical Student Assistance Program (MSAP) and are available to support students in difficult times. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or any other impairment, please reach out to a committee member for assistance.

In addition, if you are concerned about a fellow classmate, you can also seek assistance from the committee or make a referral. MSAP is confidential and completely voluntary. We encourage the wellness of all students. You can refer students directly to any member of the MSAP Committee.

Wellness Series Video Recordings 

Reducing distress and burnout with the Use of Mindfulness

Imposter Syndrome