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Thrive Ohio University

We show students we CARE.
We help students CONNECT.
We empower students to THRIVE.

THRIVE is OHIO’s student-focused well-being initiative. We understand that no two students or their relationship with well-being are exactly alike, and college life can sometimes be busy and stressful. By providing services, events and programs that show genuine CARE for our students, OHIO encourages every Bobcat to CONNECT with their University community and individualize and prioritize well-being actions, so they can THRIVE.

What is "Well-Being?"

At Ohio University, we define well-being using these four components:


Accessing to food, housing, safe environments and financial security.


Actively making positive choices, engaging in meaningful experiences and connecting with others.


Advocate for well-being in yourself and others; reject prejudice and bias.


OHIO provides opportunities and support so its community can thrive.



First, tend to the essentials.

Ohio University cares about its students, and Bobcats care for one another. This is more than lip service or fuzzy feelings: CARE is an action word. Through a broad spectrum of services, support staff, and events, we ensure students basic needs are met, so they can establish a firm foundation of stability on which to build community, balance and overall well-being.


Investing time and energy into self, others and community.

We believe every student should be given the tools and opportunities to CONNECT with the people, places, and moments that will enrich them now and for life. From joining a social activity or campus organization, heading outside to engage mind, body, and spirit, or simply carving out intentional space in the day for rest and moments of joy, OHIO encourages students to take small, individualized daily steps to prioritize themselves and their communities – when students are seen, socially engaged and successful, Bobcats THRIVE.

Brick by Brick

A Well-Being Podcast


Sign up for a free, personalized Well-Being Coaching session.

Did you know OHIO offers free, one on one individualized coaching sessions for all students? Learn positive strategies from trained professionals to help you focus on your strengths and set realistic goals that are tailored to your lifestyle and schedule and meaningful to you. Sessions can help you determine healthy strategies to improve sleep, nutrition and hydration, physical activity, time & stress management, productivity, self-esteem, gratitude, and social support systems.


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Well-Being Events

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Thursday, June 8 F45 Training 7:30 AM — 8:15 AM Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center

Monday, June 12 F45 Training 7:30 AM — 8:15 AM Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center

Tuesday, June 13 F45 Training 7:30 AM — 8:15 AM Charles J. Ping Student Recreation Center

Student Led Events

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Monday, February 13, 2023 Visiting Artists: Kathryn Polk and Andrew Polk 9:00 AM – Friday, February Seigfred Hall 202/203.
Thursday, February 16, 2023 World Anthropology Day 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Baker 366.
Ohio Student Anthropology Society
Friday, February 17, 2023 OU Extra Life Friday Livestream (Cancelled) 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Schoonover.
Ohio University Extra Life
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