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About Us

We Put Patients at the Center of Care

What happens here is changing the lives of people everywhere. Fueled by a spirit of collaboration, this place equips us to become great doctors and even greater caregivers. You'll leave us prepared and passionate, because true transformation begins at the Heritage College.

What Happens Here Changes Lives Everywhere


    Mission and Vision

    We train primary care physicians and other high-need specialists for areas of greatest need in Ohio and beyond.


    Strategic Initiatives

    Our strategic initiatives planfully guide us toward our goals in medical education, research, community care and more.



    Excellence in our research programs ultimately leads to improved health and quality of life for vulnerable populations.


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Wednesday, May 29 Athens Primary Care Clinic 8:00 AM — 11:00 AM Heritage Community Clinic

Monday, June 3 Athens Primary Care Clinic 8:30 AM — 3:30 PM Heritage Community Clinic Grosvenor Hall West Ohio University

Wednesday, June 5 Athens Primary Care Clinic 8:00 AM — 11:00 AM Heritage Community Clinic


  • Heritage College celebrates Class of 2024 student achievements

    At a pair of celebrations, the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine recognized the achievements of students in the Class of 2024, and introduced a new award created to honor the legacy of one of the college’s founders.
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  • Class of 2024 Graduate Profile: Milo Co

    For Milo Co, who will be graduating with the Class of 2024, it was research that helped cement his desire to become a physician, but it was his dad who inspired him. In this profile, learn more about his medical school experience.
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  • Inclusion scholars bring attention to health equity issues

    While progress has been made to improve health equity, more needs to be done on many fronts, from medical education to patient care. That was a key message delivered by the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Inclusion Scholars in a research presentation.
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