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Medical Student Assistance Program


The Medical Student Assistance Program Committee provides medical students with two primary services: wellness support for everyday stressors and recovery assistance for students experiencing impairment due to potential substance use or significant mental health problems. The MSAP Committee will assist, support, and coordinate referrals for students suspected of impairment due to physical, psychological, and/or substance use disorders but will not diagnose or provide treatment for these conditions.

Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years, unless otherwise noted.

The voting membership of the MSAP Committee shall be composed of seven (7) members, all of whom are appointed by the executive dean: at least one member from the clinical departments; at least one member from the non-clinical departments; at least one administrative staff member; at least one member per campus site; and at least one member from the Office of Inclusion. The term limit and term length do not apply to this committee; committee members negotiate term length and renewal with their supervisors/department chairs, in conjunction with the MSAP chair and executive dean.

Appointed Members

Joseph Bianco, PhD, Chair Non-clinical 3rd term ends 6/30/24
Kelly Coon Adami, DO Clinical  
Andrea Brunson, MA, NBC-HWC (Dublin) Administrative  
Nick Okada, PhD Clinical
Rachel Moore, MEd (Cleveland) Administrative  
Leslie Consitt, PhD Non-clinical  

Ex Officio

Sarah Gaskell, PhD (Dublin), Office of Inclusion representative

Professional Staff Support

TBD, counselor/HCOM embedded clinician