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Student Selection Advisory Committee


The voting membership of the Student Selection Advisory Committee shall be composed of an appropriate number of individuals appointed by the department chairs and unit leads in collaboration with the associate dean for admissions and student affairs. The number of individuals is consistent with the needs of interviewing the requisite number of candidates for the three Heritage College campuses. The committee shall include representatives from the Heritage College's non-clinical and clinical departments and administrative staff, as well as representatives from OhioHealth and other clinical partners, as appropriate. The associate dean for admissions and student affairs (or designee) shall be an ex-officio member of the committee. The two-year term limit does not apply to this committee; individuals can be appointed to multiple consecutive years. The associate dean for admissions and student affairs annually shall recommend a chairperson to the executive dean. The executive dean shall make the official appointment of the chairperson. Service on the Student Selection Committee does not count toward the two-committee rule. 

Staff Support

  • Noelle Gaston, office manager, Office of Admissions


  • Jennifer Gwilym, DO

Members: This is a committee of a whole. All Heritage College faculty and administrative staff are eligible to serve. 

Ex-Officio Members

  • John Schriner, PhD, associate dean of admissions and student affairs
  • Jill Harman, MEd, senior director, admissions and recruitment