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Professional Ethics Committee

Standing Committees


Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years unless otherwise noted.

The voting membership shall be composed of six faculty members in the Heritage College, unless it is necessary to supplement the committee with faculty from other colleges or regional campuses. At least four members must be tenured tenure track faculty. The other two may be selected from among the untenured tenure track faculty, instructional track faculty or clinical track faculty. Three of the six members of the committee shall be selected by the college's faculty senators. The other three shall be appointed by the executive dean. At least one of the three members appointed by the executive dean must be a physician (M.D. or D.O.).

Members, 2021-2022

Robin Newburn, DOInstructional Faculty, Senate Appointee1st term ends 6/30/23
Erin Murphy, PhDTenure Track, Senate Appointee1st term ends 6/30/24
Christian Stork, PhDInstructional Faculty, Senate Appointee 1st term ends 6/30/22
Rosellen Roche, MD, PhDTenure Track, Executive Dean Appointee1st term ends 6/30/23
Mark Berryman, PhDTenure Track, Executive Dean Appointee1st term ends 6/30/24
Calvin James, PhD Tenure Track, Executive Dean Appointee1st term ends 6/30/22


For additional details about the role of this university-based committee, please see the Ohio University Faculty Handbook, page 75.