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Executive Committee


Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years unless otherwise noted.

The voting membership of the Executive Committee shall be composed of those deans, associate and assistant deans, directors, and other unit heads designated by the executive dean; the chairperson of each Heritage College department; the six (6) officers of the faculty, as elected by the voting membership of the Heritage College; one (1) representative of the college administrative staff; and one (1) representative of the classified staff. The non-voting membership of the Executive Committee shall include the seventh faculty officer elected to serve as an alternate and the president prime of the Student Government Association or his/her designee upon invitation.


Kenneth Johnson, DO

Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Ohio University; Executive Dean, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Tracy Shaub, DO

Interim Dean, Athens Campus

William Burke, DO Dean, Dublin Campus

Isaac Kirstein, DO

Dean, Cleveland Campus

Sharon Casapulla, EdD Director, Education and Research
Rachael Crouch, MA Chief of Staff

Jody Gerome-Zuchowski, DO

Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education

Darlene Berryman, PhD Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
Elizabeth Beverly, PhD Co-Director, Diabetes Institute
Vishwajeet Puri, PhD, MS Co-Director, Diabetes Institute
Erin Murphy, PhD Interim Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences 
Nagesh Rao, PhD Chair, Department of Social Medicine
Jennifer Gwilym, DO Interim Chair, Department of Primary Care
Andy Culver, DO Interim Chair, Dept of Obstetrics/Gynecology; Interim Chair, Dept of Specialty Medicine
Shawn Kerger, DO Chair, Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Beth Maxon, PHR  Chief Operating Officer 
Shelley Ruff, MBA Chief Financial and Strategy Officer
P.J. Murphy, MA Chief Public Affairs Officer
Lisa Forster, PhD (ABD) Chief Communications Officer 
Tanisha King, PhD Chief Inclusion Officer 
Mario Grijalva, PhD Director, Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute
Kelly Coates, MBA Senior Director, Finance
Susan Williams, PhD Associate Dean, Faculty 
Laura Whitt, MS Senior Director, Medical Professional Affairs
Jodie Penrod, MS Senior Director, Technology
Jill Harman, MEd Senior Director, Admissions & Recruitment
John Schriner, PhD Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs
Marie Barone, MA Senior Director, Student Affairs
Sherri Oliver, MPA Executive Director, Community Health Programs and Area Health Education Center
Gillian Ice, PhD, MPH Director, Global Health
Chris Vinyard, PhD Associate Dean, Academic Assessment, Quality and Accreditation 
Mary Wurm-Schaar, PhD Director, Institutional Assessment and Accreditation

Mari Hopper, PhD

Associate Dean, Preclinical Education 
Scott Rogers, MD Associate Dean, Clinical Education 
Brian Clark, PhD Director, Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute
Brian Thompson, MEd Senior Director, Administration, Dublin
Terra Ndubuizu, MBA Senior Director, Administration, Cleveland
Noel Studniarz, MPA Senior Director, Heritage College Operations 
Danny Counts Director, Heritage College Academic Facilities   
Melissa Standley, MEd Senior Director of Operations, Office of Research and Grants
Brenda Noftz, JD, PhD Senior Director, Medical Education
Heather Porter, MPA, CHES Executive Director, Clinical Education

Appointive Voting Members

Cory Warner Term ends 6/30/24  Administrative Representative
Jennifer Fritchley Term ends 6/30/24 Classified Representative

Elected Members & Officers of the Faculty

Vishwajeet Puri, PhD


1st term ends 6/30/23

Chair of Faculty

Anna Kerr, PhD Clinical 1st term ends 6/30/24 1st Vice Chair of Faculty
Laura Hocter-Ousley, DO Clinical 1st term ends 6/30/23 2nd Vice Chair of Faculty

Francis Wymbs, PhD


1st term ends 6/30/24

Secretary of Faculty

Robin Newburn, DO


1st term ends 6/30/23

Vice Chair of Faculty, Dublin 

Ron Russ, DO


1st term ends 6/30/24

Vice Chair of Faculty, Cleveland 

Ex-Officio Non-voting Member

Molly Frey

Term ends 4/30/23

SGA President-National Representative

Staff Support

Laura Risler, PhD, Executive Special Projects Manager