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Institutional Assessment and Accreditation

Who We Are

Using best practices and empirical evidence to guide ongoing quality improvement efforts

The Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation provides content expertise, leadership and consultation services to advance evidence-based medical education and inform decision making to support the success of Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in meeting its academic, research, service and clinical missions. The OIAA uses and promotes the use of the best practices in medical education, assessment and evaluation; advances a culture of assessment and continuous quality improvement; conducts evaluation studies and research to inform decision making; and serves as a resource for administrators, faculty and staff.

Example services provided by the OIAA include evaluating the school's structure, processes and outcomes, and sharing those results locally, regionally and nationally, as appropriate; selecting and/or designing, implementing and evaluating assessment instruments and systems to collect high-quality data to support evidence-based decision making and quality improvement programming; monitoring the school’s success in meeting its strategic goals; advancing best practices in teaching, learning and assessment; and contributing scholarly works in peer-reviewed venues to advance health sciences and medical education.

College Snapshot

OIAA Snapshot 2021