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Curriculum Committee


Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years unless otherwise noted.

The voting membership of the Curriculum Committee shall be composed of eleven (11) faculty members, and membership shall be determined as follows:

One chair, appointed by the executive dean; seven curriculum faculty leaders, including two curriculum directors (preclinical curriculum director and clinical curriculum director) and five members of the Curricular Liaison Team (patient encounter & subunit integration liaison, osteopathic patient care liaison, medical morphology liaison, small group & portfolio liaison, and longitudinal content liaison); one faculty member representing the Office of Inclusion; and two faculty members from separate academic departments, elected by the faculty at large.

The non-voting membership of the Curriculum Committee shall be composed of:

One co-chair, an associate dean from the Office of Medical Education; four PHWC students, selected by the committee, representing each year of medical education; one osteopathic primary care associate (OPCA), determined in coordination with OPCA course director(s); and six ex-officio members (senior associate dean of medical education or designee(s), representative from the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, chair of chairs or designee, associate dean of curriculum and/or associate dean of clinical education or designee, representative from Faculty Affairs, and curriculum mapping specialist

Voting Members

Andy Chen, PhD Chair 2nd term ends 6/30/25 (A)
Jean Rettos, DO Elected Faculty, Clinical 1st term ends 6/30/25 (E)
Shawn Rosensteel, DVM Elected Faculty, Preclinical 1st term ends 6/30/25 (E)
Fabian Benencia, PhD Preclinical Curriculum Director  
Chrissy Fall, MD Clinical Curriculum Director  
Paige Gutheil Henderson, DO Patient Encounter & Subunit Integration Liaison  
Kristin Guilonard, DO Osteopathic Patient Care Liaison  
Sarah Rubin, PhD Small Group & Portfolio Liaison  
Yuriy Slyvka, MD, PhD Medical Morphology Liaison  
Vacant Longitudinal Content Liaison  
Robin Newburn, DO Inclusion Representative  


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

Chris Vinyard, PhD, Co-chair; Associate Dean, Curriculum, or Designee

Jody Gerome, DO, Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education, or Designee(s)

Scott Rogers, MD, Associate Dean, Clinical Education, or Designee

Amanda Chiplock, PhD, Office of Faculty Learning & Advancement Representative

Kathy Pittman, PhD, Office of Admissions and Student Affairs representative

Erin Murphy, PhD, Chair of Chairs, or Designee

Lindsey Allison, Curriculum Mapping Specialist

4 PHWC students representing OMS I - IV and 1 Osteopathic Primary Care Associate

Staff Support

Pam Cochran, Educational Operations Coordinator