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Interdepartmental Chairs Evaluation Committee


The voting membership of the Interdepartmental Chairs' Evaluation Committee shall be composed of seven (7) faculty membersone (1) from each department of the college, all of whom are elected by the Heritage College faculty. No department chair or associate chair shall serve on this committee. The terms are staggered three (3) year terms to maintain consistency, with a maximum limit of two (2) consecutive terms. 


Jane Broecker, MD  Obstetrics & Gynecology

 3-year term ends 6/30/2023

Lori Rutter, DO Pediatrics

 3-year term ends 6/30/2025

Cheryl Hammes, DO Osteopathic Manipulation 

 3-year term ends 6/30/2025

Laura Hocter-Ousley, DO Primary Care

 3-year term ends 6/30/2023

Joe Bianco, PhD  Social Medicine

 3-year term ends 6/30/2023

Yuanjie Mao, MD, PhD Specialty Medicine

 3-year term ends 6/30/2024

Tim Cain, PhD Biomedical Sciences

 3-year term ends 6/30/2024


Professional staff support: Susan Williams, PhD, associate dean of faculty