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Benefits Open Enrollment 2024

The annual Benefits Open Enrollment period is closed. Please email if you have questions.

Open Enrollment is the one time each year you can enroll or make changes in your health care benefits. Otherwise, changes may only be made if a qualifying family status change has occurred. This year's Benefits Open Enrollment period was April 15, 2024 through May 8, 2024. Any enrollment changes made during the enrollment period are effective July 1, 2024.

Individual emails will be sent in groups throughout the afternoon of April 15th to all benefits eligible faculty and staff with more information and further instructions. During Open Enrollment you can make changes to your Medical, Dental and Life coverages and re-enroll/enroll in a Flexible Spending Account for the next plan year.

If you do not want to make any changes to your health, dental, vision, life, or disability insurance plans you do not need to take any action.  However, if you want to participate in a Flexible Spending Account you must log in and make that election each year.


2024-25 Benefit Changes

Faculty, Administrators, AFSCME 3200 and FOP Plans

PPO Premium Increases covered by the University

Although the cost of Ohio University’s healthcare premiums benefits is expected to once again increase by approximately 9 percent in fiscal year 2025, the University will cover all cost escalation and will not increase premiums for faculty and staff.

Dental Premiums Increase

Dental and Dental with Orthodontia premiums have increased slightly.

Health care Flexible Spending Account Contribution Amount Increases

The health care FSA contribution limit is $3,200 for 2024, up from $3,050 last year.

AFSCME 1699 Plan Changes

PPO Premiums 

PPO premiums for AFSCME 1699 members will increase per the union negotiations.

Dental Premiums Increase

Dental and Dental with Orthodontia premiums have increased slightly.

Increases to Deductible and Out of Pocket Maximums

Plan cost sharing including deductible and out-of-pocket maximums are increasing while co-pays and co-insurance are remaining at their current levels. The individual deductible will increase to $700 and the family deductible to $1,400 for in-network providers. Employees must pay this amount before the plan begins to pay for covered services. Some specific services, such as preventive care, do not apply to the deductible.  

The Out of Pocket Maximum equals the total amount employees will pay for deductible and co-insurance during the plan year. The AFSCME 1699 individual Out of Pocket Maximum will increase to $3,250 while the family will go up to $6,500 for in-network providers.

Health care Flexible Spending Account Contribution Amount Increases

The health care FSA contribution limit is $3,200 for 2024, up from $3,050 last year.


Benefit Guides

These guides contain a PPO coverage chart, plan details, premiums, information on eligibility and enrolling. Choose the guide for your employment group:

Visit the health insurance page to review the 2023-24 guides.



Ohio University's benefit plans charge premiums based on the salary bracket, coverage level and number of pays per year. Benefit Premiums; the rate listed will be deducted from your paycheck each pay. Faculty benefit premiums are deducted over 18 pays each year from August 30 through May 15. Administrators on a 10 month contract have benefit deductions over 20 pays, 11 months over 22 pays and 12 months over 24 pays. AFSCME 1699, AFSCME 3200, FOP and Administrative Hourly are on the bi-weekly payroll and receive 26 pays per year.

Choose your employment group to view 2023-24 Premiums:


Logging in

Be prepared before logging in: 

  • Have your OHIO ID and password available.
  • If you haven’t already, set up your multi-factor authentication 
  • If you do not currently use Ohio University's email system, you will need to activate your account
  • If you have forgotten your password, please visit OIT's password reset page.
  • If you do not have secret challenge questions set up, then you will need to present a photo ID to one of the approved locations.

Benefits open enrollment will be available online beginning on the afternoon of Monday, April 15th via My Personal Information (MPI) - Benefits Self Service:

  1. Login* to
  2. Choose My Personal Information
  3. Choose Benefits Self Service

*You must be enrolled in multi-factor authentication to access My Personal Information. Visit OIT's Getting Started with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication site to learn more. Download the MPI: Benefits Self Service User Guide [PDF] for instructions on updating your benefits.

Accessing the system will allow you to:

  • Review current coverages and make necessary changes
  • Enroll or waive the following:
    • the PPO medical plan which includes prescription drug coverage
    • one of two vision plans
    • the dental plan or dental with orthodontia plan
    • flexible spending accounts
      • Health care account for eligible health care expenses for you and/or eligible dependents
      • Dependent Child Care account, for eligible child care expenses for eligible dependents (can also be used for adult-day care expenses for eligible dependents)
    • supplemental and/or dependent life insurance
    • the short term disability plan

Open Enrollment Labs

If you need assistance enrolling please stop by one of our Open Enrollment Labs. You will need your OHIO ID and password in order to enroll. 

Tuesday, April 23, 20241:30pm- 4:30pmGrosvenor Hall 336
Thursday, May 2, 20241:30pm- 4:30pmGrosvenor Hall 336
Tuesday, May 7, 20249am- 12pmGrosvenor Hall 336



Note:  those who wish to add a dependent or beneficiary that is a current or former Ohio University employee or student OR someone who does not have a social security number should complete the Request for Benefits Office to add Dependent or Beneficiary [PDF] form. This completed form may be uploaded to the Benefits secure upload site. Once processed, benefits will email confirmation and employees may access MPI: Benefits Self Service to enroll or update coverages.

Documentation Required

Those who add a dependent during open enrollment must submit proper documentation (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.)

Documents may be uploaded to the Benefits Secure Site sent via campus mail to Human Resources, ATTN: Benefits, Grosvenor Hall 307 or mailed via US mail to:
Ohio University Human Resources
ATTN: Benefits
Grosvenor Hall 307
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701-2979

Please include the employee name and employee ID# on any documentation.

If you fail to provide required dependent verification documentation, the dependent will not be enrolled and you must wait the next open enrollment period to enroll your dependent.


Online Benefits Open Enrollment Meetings

Meetings will be held online using Microsoft Teams. Visit OIT's website for assistance accessing Teams on your desktop or mobile device. Registration is not required. 

2024-25 Benefits Open Enrollment Presentation Slides [PDF]

Tuesday, April 16, 20243pm- 4pmClick here to join the meeting
Friday, April 19, 202412pm- 1pmClick here to join the meeting
Monday, April 22, 20241pm- 2pmClick here to join the meeting 
Tuesday, April 23, 20249am- 10amClick here to join the meeting 
Friday, April 26, 202411am- 12pmClick here to join the meeting
Monday, April 29, 202410am- 11amClick here to join the meeting 
Wednesday, May 1, 20242pm- 3pmClick here to join the meeting
Monday, May 6, 20244pm- 5pmClick here to join the meeting
Wednesday, May 8, 202410am- 11amClick here to join the meeting 


Benefit Vendor Webinars

Open Enrollment is a great time to learn more about the supplemental benefits available to you. These informational webinars provide a brief overview and allow time for a question and answer session. Registration is not required. 

Impact SolutionsCoffee Break StretchingMonday, 
April 15, 2024
11am- 12pmWatch recorded session
WellWorksHealthy OHIO & 
WellWorks Overview
April 16, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session 
(Vision Service Plan)
Vision Service Plan 
April 17, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session
USIBusiness Resource 
Center for 
Ohio University Benefits
April 18, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session
OUCU FinancialLet's Talk Supplemental 
Retirement Accounts
April 24, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session
AnthemMedicare OverviewThursday, 
April 25, 2024
12pm- 1:30pmWatch recorded session
Social SecurityRetirementTuesday, 
April 30, 2024
12pm- 1:30pmWatch recorded session

Social Security 101: 
Part 1, 
Retirement [PDF]
AnthemPlan Overview & 
Wellness Resources
May 1, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session
Social SecurityMedicare A & B 
May 2, 2024
12pm- 1:30pm

Watch recorded session

Social Security Retirement, 
Part 2, Medicare A/B 
Enrollment [PDF]

Impact SolutionsHealth NavigatorTuesday, 
May 7, 2024
12pm- 1pmWatch recorded session


Life Insurance

We ask that all benefits eligible employees update their life insurance beneficiary each year during the Open Enrollment period.

A beneficiary can be any individual(s). Please note: you may also name trusts, estates or other non-individuals but these, as well as individuals in which you do not have a social security number will need to be documented on a paper beneficiary form.

You may increase your supplemental life coverage by $20,000 without completing the Evidence of Insurability (EOI) process.  After you reach $200,000 in total coverage Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required for any increase. Visit the Life Insurance page for further details.


The annual faculty/staff permit renewal opt-in/opt-out period for FY25 will take place in June 2024 (Monday, June 10, 2024 at 8 AM through Friday, June 28, 2024). Additional information regarding the renewal process and procedures for those electing to opt-in/out will be sent via e-mail to eligible employees in early June 2024.

View additional information on faculty/staff parking or contact the Transportation and Parking Services Customer Care Center at 740.593.1917 (Monday-Friday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM).


If you have questions or need assistance please email

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