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Salary Database

The compensation data search results include all non-student employees’ base salary as of 12/31/23. This database is updated yearly in the spring.

Last updated: April 2, 2024

About the Data

Base Pay – Employee's base salary (unclassified staff) or hourly wage (classified staff) as of 12/31/23.

Entries with a zero salary represents Adjunct or Early Retiree Faculty. Adjuncts and Early Retiree Faculty are paid by the semester through our Individual Compensation Distribution System (ICD).

Using the Database

This database is searchable by name, department, and earnings range. To filter the table alphabetically by last name, click on the "Name" column header in the green bar. To filter the table alphabetically by department, click on the "Department" column header. To filter the table ascending/descending by salary, click on the "Base Pay" column header. 

Note that the table is not filterable or searchable by titles. 

You may also download a spreadsheet version of this data [XLS], which includes further detail.