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HR Liaisons

HR Liaisons by planning unit

Unit/DeptLiaison/ EmailPhoneAlternate Liaison in the Absence of Assigned LiaisonPhone 
AdvancementVickie Wortman7-1436Eva McConnell3-1619 
AthleticsEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
College of Arts & SciencesShellie McVey
Suzanne Durst3-9875 
College of BusinessSuzanne Durst3-9875Shellie McVey7-1824 
College of CommunicationRich Schmaltz3-1646Adam Pergram3-1624 
College of EducationEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
College of EngineeringSuzanne Durst3-9875Shellie McVey7-1824 
College of Fine ArtsEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
College of Health Sciences & ProfessionsSuzanne Durst3-9875Shellie McVey7-1824 
College of MedicineRich Schmaltz3-1646Eva McConnell3-1619 
Diversity & InclusionVickie Wortman7-1436Eva McConnell3-1619 
Enrollment Management: Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, RegistrarSuzanne Durst3-9875Shellie McVey7-1824 
Finance & Administration: FacilitiesVickie Wortman7-1436Shellie McVey7-1824 
Finance & Administration: FinanceVickie Wortman7-1436Shellie McVey7-1824 
President's Office: HRSuzanne Durst3-9875Shellie McVey7-1824 
Finance & Administration: Logistics
(Printing, Moving and Mail)
Vickie Wortman7-1436Shellie McVey7-1824 
Finance & Administration: OITRich Schmaltz3-1646Vickie Wortman7-1436 
Finance & Administration: OUPDVickie Wortman7-1436Julie Wilson3-1644 
Finance & Administration: Parking & TransportationVickie Wortman7-1436Shellie McVey7-1824 
Finance & Administration: University PlanningVickie Wortman7-1436Shellie McVey7-1824 
Graduate CollegeEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
Honors TutorialRich Schmaltz3-1646Suzanne Durst3-9875 
LibraryEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
Office of Global AffairsRich Schmaltz3-1646Suzanne Durst3-9875 
Office of the PresidentVickie Wortman7-1436Suzanne Durst3-9875 
ProvostAdam Pergram3-1624Vickie Wortman7-1436 
Regional Higher EducationShellie McVey7-1824Eva McConnell3-1619 
Research and Creative ActivityEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 
Student AffairsRich Schmaltz3-1646Suzanne Durst3-9875 
University CollegeVickie Wortman7-1436Rich Schmaltz3-1646 
University Communication and MarketingVickie Wortman7-1436Eva McConnell3-1646 
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public ServiceEva McConnell3-1619Adam Pergram3-1624 

The HR liaisons serve as HR business partners to one or more planning units. They build partnerships with units to create value-added HR services, which address the unique operational needs, mission, and direction of their units. They are both consultants to management, as well as resources for all employees, in the units they represent. You are encouraged to reach out to your liaison with any issues, concerns or questions.

Services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment and Hiring
    • Guidance in writing position descriptions
    • Developing effective recruitment plans
    • Identifying selection methods to combat implicit bias
  • Employee Relations and discipline:
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational design and restructuring
  • Succession planning
  • Staffing Contingency Planning
  • Performance Management
    • Setting goals
    • Delivering feedback
    • Calibrating ratings
  • Professional development and training needs
  • Meeting with employees about questions and concerns regarding to HR matters
  • Alignment of HR strategies with operational goals
  • Consultation with unit representatives and their employees to provide basic understandings and interpretations of Ohio University policies, practices, and procedures, as well as applicable local/state/federal law(s)