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Covid Testing Resources

Ohio University offers many COVID testing options for employees.

All Ohio University employees may participate in the COVID-19 Testing at OHIO program.

Faculty and staff enrolled in the university PPO health plans have two options to cover the cost of over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests.

  • Option 1: CVS Caremark Prescription plan or
  • Option 2: Anthem Medical plans
CVS Caremark

Your CVS Caremark Prescription coverage now covers at home/ OTC COVID-19 tests with no cost to faculty and staff enrolled in the university’s PPO health plans.  Coverage is available for up to eight tests per covered family member per month (8 tests per 30 consecutive days) .  Per federal guidelines, this coverage was effective starting January 15, 2022.  Coverage for home tests is available as follows:

  • Direct member reimbursement through submission of a claim:
    • Covered members can purchase an OTC COVID-19 test from any network retailer and upload a copy of the receipt through their member login at After logging in, simply follow the instructions for at-home COVID-19 test reimbursement.
    • Or submit a paper claim [PDF] directly to CVS Caremark.
  • Direct coverage at point of sale at a participating pharmacy (any pharmacy that accepts your CVS Caremark Coverage). Your CVS Caremark Prescription plan will cover the cost of the tests with no out-of-pocket costs for the member. (Inventory is often limited, coverage does not guarantee test availability).
    **NOTE: The maximum allowed amount to be reimbursed is $12 per test.  (If multiple tests are sold in a box, the reimbursement maximum will be $12 per test.  Example: A box with 2 tests will have a maximum reimbursement of $24.)

    Visit CVS Caremark Covered OTC Tests for a listing of manufacturers.

The covered member will be reimbursed, and the plan will pay, the full retail price paid by the member.

Visit for more information on eligibility, what’s covered, and how to submit a request as well as a listing of Frequently Asked Questions regarding reimbursement for at-home Covid-19 tests through CVS Caremark.


As of January 15, 2022, employees enrolled in the university's health plan can get reimbursed by Anthem for the costs of over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests until the end of the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency.

Purchase an OTC COVID-19 test at any retailer and submit your receipt and an Anthem Domestic Claim form for reimbursement.  Log in to, go to Claims & Payment, and choose Submit a Claim.

Additional Resources available through Anthem

Employees can also use in-person COVID-19 testing sites such the COVID-19 Testing at OHIO or tests provided at a doctor's office, a pharmacy or health clinic, or an urgent care center.

Contact the HR-Benefits office at if you have any questions regarding coverage of Covid-19 tests.