Ohio University

Wellbeing at OHIO


WellWorks is Ohio University’s wellness program. A wide array of wellness services are offered to employees, their dependents and community members. From massage to nutrition to personal training, WellWorks has your wellness needs covered. Visit the WellWorks website for more details.

Healthy OHIO

Healthy OHIO is a partnership between WellWorks (part of the College of Health Sciences and Professions) and Human Resources. All Ohio University employees and their spouses/partners who are enrolled in an OHIO health plan can participate in the Healthy OHIO initiative and receive financial incentives. Visit the WellWorks website for further details.  

Anthem 360° Health

Whether you're fit and want to stay that way, you're living with a chronic condition or you fall somewhere in between, Anthem 360° Health surrounds you with the support, resources and tools to help you live healthier.

Preventive vs. diagnostic care

What’s the difference? Preventive care helps protect you from getting sick. If your doctor recommends you have services even though you have no symptoms, that’s preventive care. Diagnostic care is when you have symptoms and your doctor recommends services to determine what’s causing those symptoms. Review Anthem's Preventive Care [PDF] benefits including physical exams, tests, immunizations and women's preventive care for further details.

Flu Shot Options

Flu shots are available at the annual Faculty and Staff Resource Fair.

Human Resources has partnered with Anthem and CVS Caremark to provide a convenient and expanded free flu shot program.  All employees and family members (7 years of age and older) covered by the University’s Anthem/CVS Caremark health plans can receive flu shots from participating pharmacies during their normal operating hours. In most cases, flu shots will now be available 7 days per week.

You and covered family members, of any age, may also obtain flu shots from your physician or health clinic. Anthem will pay 100% of the allowed amount for a flu shot provided by an in-network physician or health clinic. Flu shots provided by pharmacies will covered at 100% only if the pharmacy is willing to bill CVS Caremark. Employees must present their CVS Caremark identification card to the pharmacy.

Preventive Care

Getting regular checkups and exams can help you stay well and catch problems early. It may even save your life.

View our listing of preventive care services [PDF].