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Ohio University's benefit plans charge premiums based on the salary bracket, coverage level and number of pays per year.

Faculty benefit premiums are deducted over 18 pays each year from August 30 through May 15. Administrators on a 10 month contract have benefit deductions over 20 pays, 11 months over 22 pays and 12 months over 24 pays. AFSCME 3200, FOP and Administrative Hourly are on the bi-weekly payroll and receive 26 pays per year.

The rate listed will be deducted from your paycheck each pay.

2024-25 Benefit Premiums

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2023-24 Benefit Premiums

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COBRA (Continuation of Benefits) 

Spouse/Domestic Partner Premium

Employee's choosing to enroll their spouse or domestic partner in a health insurance plan are charged an additional $50 Spouse/Partner monthly premium if the spouse is employed and not enrolled in his/her employer's health plan. If your spouse is also employed by Ohio University, the Spouse/Partner premium will not apply.

Employees will be required to answer questions regarding their spouse/partner employer offered coverage. The answers will determine whether the $50 Spouse/Partner Premium will be required in addition to current health care premiums.

1. Is your spouse/partner employed?
     a. If yes, please answer question 2.
     b. If no, the Spouse/Partner Premium will not apply.

2. Does your spouse/partner's employer offer health insurance?
    a. If yes, please answer question 3.
    b. If no, the Spouse/Partner Premium will not apply.

3. Is your spouse enrolled in his/her employer's health insurance?
    a. If yes, the Spouse/Partner Premium will not apply. The employee will be required to provide proof of coverage, such as a health insurance identification card.
    b. If no, the Spouse/Partner Premium will be applied.

If the employment or health insurance enrollment status of a spouse/partner changes during the year, the employee will be allowed to submit verification of the change in order to stop (or start) the Spouse/Partner Premium.

Premium for Spouses/Partners Both Employed by Ohio University

There are over 400 employees at Ohio University who are married to or a domestic partner of another University employee. Health care premiums for University employees who are married to or are in a domestic partnership with another University employee will be based on the salary of highest paid spouse/partner.
These employees can enroll in health insurance at a level of their choosing: Employee; Employee+1; or Employee and family. If an employee chooses a level that includes their University employed spouse/partner, the premiums for the coverage level chosen will be set according to the salary of the highest paid employee.

AFSCME 1699 and 3200 members: consult your union contract for details regarding your benefit coverages.

Benefit Arrears Process

The university‚Äôs payroll system no longer supports an arrears payment plan process. For missed premiums due to unpaid time off or lack of funds available in a pay, benefit premiums owed will be deducted in full starting with the next pay or first pay after the employee returns to work.  This practice will continue until the amount due is paid in full. Benefits impacted include any benefit where premiums are paid such as health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and etc. 

(Please be advised that this process could result in a $0 pay in certain circumstances where large amounts of premiums are owed).

For AFSCME 1699 employees this process applies to seasonal layoff such as Winter Break and Summer Break. AFSCME 1699 employees wishing to establish a payment plan should contact the HR-Benefits Office. Payment plans are only available when multiple pays are missed, must be requested prior to the payroll deadline for a pay period, and will be handled outside the payroll process.