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System Training Materials for Employees

All salaried employees (faculty and staff) paid on a semi-monthly basis submit paid time off through MPI: Absence Management. Employees paid on an hourly bi-weekly basis track their absences in Workforce and will not use the Absence Management feature in MPI to report or request time off.

My Personal Information (MPI)

MPI provides self-service access for faculty and staff to perform absence management, view current and past pay stubs, view employment history and tax information, manage direct deposit accounts, and update employee benefits.
Please keep in mind that you will need to use multi-factor authentication when logging into My Personal Information. Multi-factor authentication is a security feature that adds mobile app, text message, or telephone call verification to your login.


Workforce is used for time and attendance tracking for student and hourly employees.

System Training Materials for Managers


MPI: Absence Management

System Training Materials for Financial Managers

Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD)

Assignment Costing

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