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Educational Benefits

Ohio University is proud to provide access to educational benefits that support professional and educational goals. The benefit covers the instructional fee portion of tuition and is pro-rated if the employee is part-time. Non-residency fees, if applicable, are also waived for eligible employees. General fees may be waived on a course by course basis for course work which is directly related to the employee’s current position.

Qualified dependents of Ohio University employees are also eligible to receive tuition assistance. The instructional fee portion of tuition is waived for the employee’s qualified dependents who take courses at Ohio University. The waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time.

What's Covered

This program covers most courses that are taken for credit.

  • Ohio University Undergraduate Course Offerings
  • Ohio University Graduate College
  • OHIO eCampus
  • Hocking College
    Ohio University has a reciprocal agreement with Hocking College for employees only; dependents are not eligible. Full-time employees wishing to take classes at Hocking College will receive a 100% discount on the instructional fees (part-time employees will receive a pro-rated benefit).
  • Zanesville
    Employees of the Ohio University Zanesville campus may take one course per semester at Zane State College
    . The fee waiver will cover all instructional, general, and security fees but not special lab or related course fees.
  • Partnership Programs
    Effective Fall Semester 2020-2021: employees only may utilize Educational Benefits for the partner programs. Benefits are applicable to the instructional fee, non-resident fee and general fee based on supervisor approval.  Benefits provided for these programs shall not exceed that of a regular graduate program.

What’s Not Covered

Audited courses, OPIE courses, admission & enrollment fees, special course fees and certain study abroad programs are not covered. Benefits under Ohio University Policy 40.016 for qualified dependents shall not be applicable to the following online courses and programs delivered in partnership with an outside vendor:

Benefit Limitations

Special Graduate programs such as: The College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Professional MBA Program have a different fee structure than regular graduate programs, considered differential tuition. Participants in these programs should be aware, that if eligible, the educational benefit is limited to that of a regular graduate program. Visit the Bursar's website to view the current Graduate Tuition and Fee Schedule: