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Spouses and Dependents

For the purposes of this plan, a spouse is defined as a person who is recognized under state or federal law. This includes same sex spouses when legally married in a state or country that recognizes same-sex marriages.

Dependents are defined as:

  • The employee’s and spouse’s or domestic partner’s dependent children
  • Legally adopted children
  • Children for whom the employee assumes legal guardianship
  • Step children
  • Employee’s children (or children of the employee’s spouse or domestic partner) for whom the employee has legal responsibility for from a valid court decree.
  • The dependents listed above are eligible to be covered until the end of the month they attain age 26.
  • Children who are mentally or physically disabled and totally dependent on the employee for support, regardless of age, with the exception of incapacitated children age 26 or older. Certification of the disability is required within 31 days of attainment of age 26, the date of disability, or the employee becoming eligible for benefits. 

Proper documentation is required to enroll a dependent. Visit the Verification of Dependents page to learn more.