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Holiday Schedule

A holiday which occurs on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday; a holiday which occurs on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday. The Chief Human Resource Officer sends an annual memo [PDF] which lists the specific dates that Ohio University observes the following holidays. 

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Day
*President's Day
Memorial Day
Juneteenth National Independence Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
*Indigenous Peoples'/Columbus Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

**WBC (Winter Break Closure)

January 1
Third Monday in January
*Third Monday in February
Last Monday in May
June 19
July 4
First Monday in September
*Second Monday in October
November 11
Fourth Thursday in November
December 25
**The WBC calls for closure of the University
from December 25 through January 1 each year

* These two "floating holidays" are scheduled on other days than the traditional dates shown. Columbus Day is typically scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving, and President's Day is typically scheduled for December 26.

** Winter Break Closure will affect 4 days in which employees would be otherwise scheduled to work. The first day of the closure will be paid as a Holiday, which is floated from President's day. The second and third days will be paid as Winter Closure Time (WCT) by the University. Winter Closure Time neither accumulates, nor carries-over, nor is it eligible for any cash pay-out at time of separation, for any reason, from Ohio University. Employees may not report Winter Closure Time on days that they would not be regularly scheduled. Use of Winter Closure Time may not cause an employee to exceed 40 hours of work in one week.

Dependent upon service time, employees will be paid for the 4th day of closure through WCT or mandatory use of vacation, as defined below:

The following employees will be granted WCT during the 4th day of closure:

  1. Administrators;
  2. All Bargaining Unit employees in groups A and B (see policy #41.000 for definition) as of December 25;
  3. Bargaining Unit employees in groups C and D (see policy #41.000 for definition) with less than 1 year of continuous service with Ohio University as of December 25.

All other classified employees must use a vacation day during the 4th day of closure.

Outlook Calendar

Follow these steps to add OHIO’s holiday schedule to your Outlook Calendar:

  • Click File > Options > Calendar
  • Under Calendar options, click Add Holidays
  • Check the box for the U.S. holidays to add to your calendar
  • Click OK