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Fees and Taxation

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to pay or waive any amount owed by the due date. Failing to do so could result in cancellation of courses or application of a late fee.  

Instructional and General Fees

To view a breakdown of tuition fees visit the Bursar's website and choose "Tuition and Fees".

The instructional fee is waived for eligible employees. The waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time.  General fees may be waived on a course by course basis for course work which is directly related to the employee’s current position.

The instructional fee is also waived for the employee’s qualified dependents who take courses at Ohio University. The waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time.

Non-Residency Fees

When applicable, non-residency fees are waived under the Educational Benefits Program. The amount of the waiver is pro-rated if the employee is part-time. This applies to both employees and their qualified dependents.  

Credits will be applied to the student’s account automatically each semester and will adjust according to the number of hours enrolled.


Tuition waivers may be subject to withholding taxes under regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. Taxable waivers are reported to the Payroll Office, where taxes will be deducted from the employee's pay. The tax withholding schedule can be found on the Benefit Taxation web page.