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Workers' Compensation

The mission of the Workers' Compensation department is to provide administrative services to Ohio University employees who have had an occupational injury or disease.

One of the primary departmental functions is to provide a means of obtaining prompt medical treatment and compensation for occupational injuries and disease, and ultimately return the worker to work as soon as possible, within physician stated limitations, and the worker to a life style enjoyed prior to the injury.

The Workers' Compensation system is governed by a number of different sources of Ohio law and they are Ohio Revised Code Chapters 41214123 and the Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 41214123 and 4125. The participation in the program is dependent on primary definitions located in the Ohio Revised Code, Injuries, Section 4123(c), and Ohio Revised Code, Occupational Disease, Section 4123.68 or 4123.01(F).

The Workers' Compensation department is committed to helping all Ohio University employees process all Workers' Compensation information to the appropriate departments/agencies for timely claim processing.