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Employment & Income Verification

Faculty and Staff Verifications

All faculty and staff and income verifications for Ohio University are provided through The Work Number, an Equifax Service available 24/7.

Verifiers: to obtain employment or income verification, visit

Employees: Employees wanting to manage their information within The Work Number may visit

For additional information, please refer to The Work Number Guide and FAQ [PDF].

Additional support is available directly from The Work Number Service Center by phone at 866-222-5880 (M-F, 8a – 8p ET) or email at

Student Employment Verifications

Verbal employment verification requests should be directed to the HR Service Desk at 740-593-1636.

Written employment verification requests should be faxed to 740-593-0386.

Note: Those with both student and faculty/staff experience should follow the directions for faculty and staff verifications above. Should the verifier need additional records relevant to student employment verification, they should contact UHR via the student employment verification directions. All releases shared by The Work Number do include a disclaimer noting that student employment records are housed separately.