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Parental Leave

The Parental Leave Program allows eligible employees to take advantage of a total of 12 weeks of parental leave for birth or adoption (single or multiple children). The leave must be used within 12 weeks from the date of birth or adoption. Exception: Two benefits eligible spouses/partners may take parental leave concurrently or consecutively, and must take parental leave within 24 weeks or birth or adoption.The university will pay for six weeks of parental leave at the employee's current salary rate. The other six weeks will be unpaid but can be covered by accrued vacation time and/or sick leave, if available and appropriate according to Ohio University guidelines.


Benefits-eligible faculty, administrators and bargaining unit staff must have one year (12 months) of continuous service in a benefits-eligible position prior to the birth or adoption of the child to be eligible for parental leave.

Directions For Applying

  1. Speak with your supervisor/chair/director as soon as possible to allow her/him sufficient time to plan for your absence. 
  2. Fill out the FMLA Application Form and the Parental Leave Form.
  3. For unpaid time: If you are not taking accrued vacation or sick time, fill out the Unpaid Leave of Absence Request Form. Be sure to secure the appropriate approval. If you have any questions about unpaid leave please email
  4. If you have elected to work part time during your parental leave, please complete the Parental Leave Part-Time Form.