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Payroll Schedules

Annual Calendar

Bi-weekly and Semi-monthly Deposit and Processing Dates, Fee Waiver Tax Withholding Schedule, OGA and Faculty Pay Dates

* Updated 5/8/2024, last semi-monthly September pay date 9/27/24 & last WorkForce approval in December  for bi-weekly pay day 1/8/25 is 12/24/24

Bi-weekly Calendar

Dates of Pay Periods, WorkForce Deadlines, Check Date, Fee Waiver Tax Withholding Schedule

Graduate Student Payroll Dates

The dates are semi-monthly and do not change from year to year.

Graduate Student Payroll Dates
Spring SemesterJanuary 31-May 15
Summer 1May 31-June 29
Summer 2July 15-August 15
Fall SemesterSeptember 15-December 31