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Ohio University policy permits individual departments to provide relocation assistance to facilitate the movement of new, benefits eligible faculty and staff to Ohio University. However, it is not our intention to provide full reimbursement for all expenses incurred as part of the relocation but to assist new employees with reasonable and actual costs associated with the move. Departments are responsible for determining the need for, applicability of, and the amount of the relocation compensation, not to exceed the maximum of $18,000.

This program helps Ohio University to remain competitive by attracting a pool of talented applicants to meet the ever growing needs of Ohio University and its programs.

Relocation funds are paid directly to the employee, via payroll. They are paid in one lump sum and will be added to the employee’s first pay check with all applicable taxes being withheld.

Under special circumstances when an advanced payment may be necessary, that payment will also be issued as a one-time payment directly to the employee in accordance with the Ohio University relocation policy. Payments will not be made more than 90 days in advance of the employee's official start date.The amount of the payment will be added to the employee’s first pay check as income so that applicable taxes can be withheld appropriately. Please contact University Human Resources for additional information regarding special advanced payment requests.

Relocation Repayment Agreement

Prior to relocation funds being dispersed, the employee must sign a Relocation Expense Repayment Agreement (PDF) and submit it to University Human Resources, Room 103, located at 169 W. Union Street. It may also be faxed to 740-593-0386, attention Employee Service Center. 

The repayment agreement remains in-tact for two years from the start of employment or until the end of the employee’s appointment, whichever comes first. Please review Ohio University policy 41.111 for further details on the repayment schedule.

To Request Relocation Funds

Employees will receive an official offer letter from Ohio University which specifies the total amount of relocation funds awarded. To request these funds to be paid, please e-mail uhr@ohio.edu or call 740-593-1636.

If choosing to use a moving service, a list of Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) approved vendors is provided for convenience under the Quick Links. The employee is responsible for scheduling the mover and payment for services. 

Temporary Housing

Ohio University maintains a limited number of accommodations for individuals affiliated with Ohio University.  Please refer to Ohio University policy 03.007, Guest and Temporary Housing, for additional information. A list of the accommodations is published online and is linked through https://www.ohio.edu/housing/ (scroll down to "Guest and Interim Housing" for details).

All inquiries may be made by calling the Residential Housing Office at 740-593-4090. Use of university accommodations is not without cost. An employee in transition is expected to pay for his or her accommodations, for all services rendered.

For information about non-university owned housing, please review the "where to stay" choices on the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau web site.

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the University Human Resources Employee Service Center at 740-593-1636.

Relocation Procedures for Hiring Managers

The respective departments have the full responsibility to determine the need and applicability of relocation compensation for each new employee.

For information regarding acceptable relocation expenses and expense limits visit IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses.

To initiate the relocation process:

  1. The department submits the Hiring Form via PeopleAdmin.  The Hiring Form must include all relocation details including the account number to charge the funds to. 
  2. Once the Hiring Form is received, Human Resources will notify the employee via email of the relocation amount awarded and the process for claiming those funds.
  3. A copy of the employee’s offer letter, if applicable, is to be sent to the Employee Service Center.

The employee is responsible for coordinating and scheduling a mover, if that is the chosen method for the move.  Human Resources may assist with connecting the employee with an approved mover who may offer discounted rates for OHIO employees.

For information on funds that are requested to be paid, please e-mail uhr@ohio.edu or call 740-593-1636.

Relocation funds are payable directly to the employee as a one-time payment for the full amount of the award on the first available pay check following the request for funds. Funds paid to the employee are processed as taxable income. Employees may utilize relocation expenses up to two years from their hire date. Employees are responsible for maintaining and reporting receipts relative to their personal tax returns in order to take advantage of applicable tax credits.

Questions may be directed to the Employee Service Center at 740-593-1636.

Inter-University Council of Ohio Approved Vendors

Company Contact Contact Details

Mayflower Transit

Armbruster Moving & Storage, Inc.

2800 Center Road
Brunswick, Ohio 44212
Phone: 330-220-6400
Fax: 330-220-6414

Mayflower Transit

James Herlihy
3759 Jackson Pike
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Phone: 614-871-4040
FAX: 614-871-1478

National Van Lines

American Way Van & Storage, Inc.

Diana Vann
1001 S. Brown School Road
– Suite A
Vandalia, OH 45377
Toll Free: 800-726-1631
Phone: 937-898-7294
Fax: 937-898-7264

North American Van Lines

E.E. Ward Moving and Storage Co.

Paul Salmon
1975 Galaxie Street
Columbus, Ohio 43207
Phone: 614-298-8414
FAX: 614-298-8346

United Van Lines

Andrews Moving & Storage Company
Scott Hughes 10235 Philipp Parkway
Streetsboro, OH  44241
Phone: 330-656-8721
Fax: 330-656-8712

United Van Lines

Corrigan Moving Systems

Tod Finch
12377 Williams Road
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
Phone: 419-873-3036