In the HTC Dance program, students become part of a vibrant community of dance artists, dance-makers, and dance scholars, where students work alongside dedicated faculty and diverse visiting artists. This program provides excellent mentoring to enable motivated students to identify, develop, and communicate their interests, skills, and vision in the field of dance.

HTC Dance students take one tutorial each semester with a professor, while also taking a full range of dance courses in dance technique, composition, dance history, cultural studies, movement analysis, pedagogy, production, and performance.

Our graduates work as dance-movement therapists, interdisciplinary performance artists, dance writers, and performers with internationally known companies.

Program Overview

The first tutorial provides an overview of dance studies as a creative, physical, and intellectual discipline. Subsequent tutorials are selected by the student, in consultation with the Director of Studies. They provide diverse experiences in which the student gains important fundamental knowledge, hones essential skills, and develops an understanding of what inspires them through intensive, one-on-one conversations and learning activities with a faculty tutor.

In the junior year, HTC Dance students take a tutorial in research methods and thesis preparation. In the senior year, students develop an original thesis project that makes a contribution to the field of dance studies.

Admission and Eligibility

Students should have a background in dance and demonstrate potential for self-motivated study, research, and creative work. An audition for the School of Dance and an interview with the Director of Studies for HTC Dance are both required.

Applications and Auditions

The deadline for applications for admission and scholarships is November 15th. Audition is required and should be arranged as early as possible. To arrange for an audition, or to find out more about the Tutorial Program in Dance, contact:


Dr. Tresa Randall

Director of Studies

Dr. Tresa Randall

Associate Professor

Putnam Hall 105



Ph.D.: Temple University

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Tresa Randall is a scholar-artist in the interdisciplinary field of Dance Studies. Her current scholarly work investigates the transnational history of dance modernism. Dr. Randall also has a broad background in dance technique, performance, composition, pedagogy, research, and community engagement. She has conducted HTC tutorials on topics such as dance, ethics, and human rights; feminist dance studies; dance archives; creative dance; community dance; dance criticism; site specific dance; and other subjects.

Selected Publications, Presentations, and Creative Work

  • now, again, this one; original choreography for Ohio University School of Dance Winter Dance Concert, Memorial Auditorium, February 17 and 18, 2023.
  • “Cultural Modernity, the Wigman School, and the Modern Girl.”  Feminist Modernist Studies 4:3 (2021): 360-374.
  • “Nervous and Colonial Bodies: Somatics in Historical Context.” Paper presented at the Dance Studies Association Conference, Rutgers University, October 2021.
  • “Transnational Modernism: Hellerau, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and American Dance.” Paper presented at the 2018 Modernist Studies Association Conference, Columbus, OH.
  • “Hanya Holm and an American Tanzgemeinschaft.” In New German Dance Studies, edited by Susan Manning and Lucia Ruprecht. 79 – 98.  Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2012. 
  • “Enlivening Dance History Pedagogy through Archival Projects.”  Journal of Dance Education 12:1 (2012): 7 – 13.


Additional information can be found on the School of Dance website.