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Performance and Choreography

Performance and Choreography

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) curriculum provides a foundation on which to build a career as a performer, choreographer or teacher. Core curriculum in dance emphasizes developing performance skills through the study of technique, and fostering creative abilities through the study of choreography. Other major coursework provides a broad knowledge in dance history, ethnology, kinesiology, music and the teaching of dance.

The School of Dance is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance. Entrance and graduation requirements are in compliance with standards set by the Association.

Coursework & Experience

A minimum of 128 credit hours are required for the B.F.A. in Dance.

The first year of the program introduces the dancer to the expectations of the school for its pre-professional training program.

The second year of the program deepens the discipline and practice of dance for the B.F.A. major in Choreography and Performance. Students are expected to devote more time to their work outside the usual class period.

The third year intensifies focus on training and the application of knowledge in a variety of areas including kinesiology and teaching courses. A Junior choreography project is undertaken in the spring of the junior year to prepare the B.F.A. major for the senior capstone project work.

The final year refines the dancer's technique, choreographic production and concert management in a senior choreographic project. Students who have an interest in teaching may be invited to teach under supervision.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Approximately 70% of our graduates continue in the field of dance and related arts. Career opportunities available to the dance graduate include preparation and/or studies leading to the following:

  • Choreographer for concert, theater, video, film, fashion, or public events
  • Dancer in companies or theatrical productions
  • Company manager or arts administrator
  • Studio teacher of children and adults in modern, ballet, jazz, African technique; teaching in university programs, K-12 programs
  • Body-based therapeutic work such as Pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals, massage therapy, physical therapy, exercise physiology, dance movement therapist
  • Dance critic or dance-related cultural historian, writing in dance
  • Graduate study in dance

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

In addition to general admission requirements to Ohio University, the Dance program requires a dance application and dance audition. Acceptance to the Dance major or minor program in choreography and performance is by talent audition. Auditions are scheduled to coordinate with various University application deadlines.

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Faculty Contact

Zelma Badu-Younge
Professor of Dance, and Director of the School of Dance