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Master of Arts in Health Curriculum

All required classes are offered online either through Athens campus online course offerings or OHIO Online. Some elective courses are offered in person on campus if desired by students. Students are expected to complete in-person volunteer and internship hours in person at a site local to the student or on the Athens campus, with potential for flexible scheduling. Students enrolled full-time can expect to complete the degree in 12 months. 

Full program details can be found on the graduate catalog.

Graduation Requirements

Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours as follows with a 3.0 GPA and a grade of C or better in all courses:

Required Courses

  • FAR 5403 - The Artist in Healthcare
  • FAR 5901 - Special Topics of Arts in Health (3 hours) 
  • FAR 5911 - The Arts in Health Professional Internship (9 hours) 
  • IART 5801 - Introduction to Arts in Health 
  • IART 5802 - Arts in Health Community Project 

Health Sciences and Social & Public Health Electives 

The student should choose 6 credit hours of course work in the areas of Health Sciences and Social and Public Health. There are many potential non-fine arts electives from across the university that could support the program of study of an MAAH student and the advisor will work with the student to help identify any courses to help fit the student’s interests related to their program of study and that are available for them to take without pre-requisite. The list of courses below have been pre-approved for this elective credit, do not require any pre-requisites, and are offered regularly.

  • HLTH 6710 - Public Health Concepts 
  • HLTH 6720 - Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health 
  • IHS 5514 - Professional and Clinical Ethics for the Health Professions 
  • IHS 5300 - Fundamental Health Policy: Concepts, Components and Systems 

Fine Arts Electives

Three credit hours of a Fine Arts graduate elective should be approved in consultation with the course professor and the student’s advisor. This course may be from any of the schools in the College of Fine Arts.  The following Fine Arts elective Athens campus courses have been pre-approved for MAAH students:

  • FAR 5100 - Introduction to Arts Administration 
  • FAR 5200 - Concepts, Communications, and Considerations in Arts Management 
  • THAR 5900 - Special Topics in Theater Arts Topic: Mindfulness and Creativity

*If a student has completed a 3-credit fine arts course with a minimum of a B at another institution that did not count toward completion of another degree program, it may be considered for transfer credit during the application process.

Culminating Professional Internship

The culminating experience typically occurs during the summer semester when students take the professional internship course, a minimum of a 10-week and 180 contact hour experience, applying 9 credits to the total 30 credits required for completion of the program.

The internship can be completed in the student’s preferred location if a potential site meets the criteria, including having appropriate arts in health professionals available to provide onsite supervision. All internship sites must be approved by the Director of Arts in Health and/or instructor of the course.

The purpose of the Arts in Health Professional Internship course is to:

  • provide students in the Master of Applied Arts in Health degree an in-depth immersive culminating experience where they can synthesize knowledge and skill learned from their program coursework.
  • give students opportunities to observe, participate, and lead Arts in Health interventions on-site at an approved Arts in Health facility or program.
  • receive on-site supervision with an Arts in Health professional.
  • provide students with a minimum of 180 contact hours of experience.
  • complete a capstone final project developed by the student, approved by the site supervisor and class professor related to Arts in Health practices at the internship.