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Art in the Community

Share your art and hone your craft in the community.

  • College of Fine Arts Summer Arts Programs

    OHIO Summer Arts offers one-week and two-week workshops in Art, Design, Music, Dance, Film, and Theater. Taught by professional artists and designed to accommodate an inclusive community of art-interested participants at a variety of skill levels. Engage in the arts at Ohio University in beautiful Athens, Ohio!

  • The Athens Community Music School

    The Athens Community Music School is a local organization providing private music lessons for all ages. Lessons are available for piano, woodwind, brass, percussion, string instruments, and voice. The music school is a great opportunity if you’re looking for extra instruction outside of the classroom, or for qualified students interested in teaching.

  • Athena Cinema

    The Athena is one of the oldest operating movie theaters in the country, featuring three screens and Art Deco-style interior features. Built in 1915, Ohio University purchased and restored the theater in 2001. The theater offers a partnership program and funding options for independent filmmakers to exhibit work and host events.

  • Athens International Film & Video Festival

    The Athens International Film and Video Festival is a project of the College of Fine Arts that has been presenting independent films from around the world since 1974. Known for supporting film from underground and marginalized programs, the festival features everything from experimental to narrative, long form to short form. All artists, students, and community activists are eligible to submit entries to be considered by the pre-screening committee.

  • Kennedy Museum of Art

    The Kennedy Museum of Art is an integral part of the educational, research, and public service missions of Ohio University, enhancing the intellectual and cultural life of the University and the region through quality national and international exhibitions, collection-based research, and diverse formal and informal learning opportunities.

  • Arts for Ohio

    Arts for OHIO is an OHIO initiative that integrates the arts into the culture and fabric of the university through offering free student admission to Fine Arts events and community offerings. Expect to see award-winning students, acclaimed faculty, and world-renowned visiting artists at their best, at hundreds of events throughout the year.

  • Tantrum Theater

    A professional theater company that serves as a training ground providing apprenticeships for students in the Theater Division at OHIO. The name Tantrum Theater comes from a group of Ohio University graduate students who discovered that one of the collective names for a group of bobcats is a Tantrum, and the university mascot is a bobcat. Tantrum’s mission is to create and propel forward a resident professional theater company and training conservatory in Athens, OH.

  • Ohio Valley Summer Theater

    Ohio Valley Summer Theater is a collaboration between the Southeastern Ohio community and Ohio University, providing theatrical productions for community enjoyment; education and training for students as they participate in productions; and performance and participation opportunities for university and community members.