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Performance & Choreography


Dance Minor Curriculum: Performance and Choreography

A dance minor in choreography and performance is designed for individuals majoring in other fields who wish, in the course of their college experience, to gain an understanding of the art of dance.This program may be applied toward the dance major sequence.To become a dance minor you must come to the School of Dance for an audition and advising.The first quarter of work is probationary.The minor program includes 20 semester credits, with a minimum of 5 credits selected from DANC 3120, 3130, 3150, 3300, 3550, 4300, 4420, 4710, 4750.Program approval is required.

DANC 1210, 1211-Modern Dance Technique I & II4

DANC 1220, 1221-Ballet Technique I & II3

DANC 1230, 1231-Beginning Dance Composition I & II4

DANC 2700- Histories, Traditions and Languages of Dance3

DANC 1801 – Dance Production I2

Approved 3000 or 4000 level courses3

Total Credit Hours: 20

*Dance Modern, Ballet and Composition must be taken sequentially within one academic year