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Dance Auditions

Because the School of Dance considers artistic talent in the review process, you must audition for consideration to the program. Your audition for admission also serves as your audition for talent-based scholarships.

Audition Requirements and Registration

The audition provides the dancer with an opportunity to demonstrate their talent, level of training and aptitude for further study in dance. Auditionees are not expected to demonstrate proficiency in all techniques. The audition committee evaluates technical proficiency, physical strength and flexibility, spatial and rhythmic accuracy, and performance quality.

Off-campus Auditions

Students may choose to audition at any of the following off-campus audition events. Note: Be sure to register for the event with the hosting organization AND register with OHIO so that we know to expect you!

Video Auditions

Video Auditions

Students who are unable to participate in an on- or off-campus audition in person should submit the following videos.

Required videos
  1. All auditionees are required to learn the specific movement phrase taught and prompted by School of Dance faculty. Record yourself doing the phrase and upload the video.
  2. Creativity is emphasized in the School of Dance. Auditionees are required to submit an improvisation video that explores the following prompt. Your video should demonstrate the use of imagination, being in the moment and not having prepared material for this creative prompt. Your video should not exceed 1 minute. Prompt:
    • Make up 4 unusual shapes with your body - they can be standing, lying down or sitting.
    • Decide on a simple pathway to follow.
    • Plot out where each shape will be on the pathway.
    • Make movement that connects one shape to the other along the pathway.
    • Use different speeds in connecting this movement.
    • Video should demonstrate use of imagination, being in the moment and not having
      prepared material for this creative prompt.
Optional videos

We recognize and value that students have different dance backgrounds, training experiences and interests. You may submit additional, optional materials to support your application:

  • You may submit up to 2 additional videos.
  • Videos must not exceed 1 minute each.
  • Examples of submissions include an excerpt from a recent performance, a combination or phrase of movement from another genre (e.g. African, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, folk dance).

Submit Your Video Audition

Note: To submit your video audition, you must first apply to OHIO and then use your OHIO email address and password to log in to access the registration page. Visit our Application Status web page for instructions to activate your OHIO ID. For questions, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at or 740.593.4100.


For questions about dance auditions, email Jessica Fox, assistant director of recruitment for the College of Fine Arts. For technical questions about submitting your audition materials, please email Undergraduate Admissions.

Ohio University operates on a holistic, selective review and looks for evidence of academic preparation when reviewing applications for admission. Additionally, because the School of Dance considers artistic talent in the review process, students pursuing certain academic programs must audition and/or submit additional materials for admission and scholarship consideration. Ohio University and the School of Dance do not discriminate against any applicants because of race, color, religion, age, national origin, ethnicity, national ancestry, sex, pregnancy, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, military service or veteran status, mental or physical disability, or genetic information.