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College of Fine Arts M&C Job Intake Process

The College of Fine Arts Marketing and Communications (COFA M&C) team is here to help you create your marketing collateral and communication plans to promote your performances, openings, student recruitment events, alumni events, etc. We look forward to providing you with beautiful designs, expert M&C strategy advice, and excellent service for all your M&C needs!

We are pleased to share with you COFA M&C team’s new process for requesting service or support:


For print, digital, strategy, and multimedia jobs, please complete and submit this form.

Project Request Form

For web edits and webpage build requests, please complete and submit this form.

Web Edit Request Form


Once you’ve submitted your Project Request Form, your job will be added into the COFA M&C queue.

Your assigned COFA M&C team lead (see below) will provide you with an update on your requested proof and final delivery dates via email.

For print jobs*, the Project Request Form allows you to choose the following options for coordinating printing:

  • I will submit the final PDF to University Printing Resources (UPR) and manage the delivery of my job to me.
  • Please submit the final PDF to University Printing Resources (UPR) and manage the delivery of my job for me.

PLEASE NOTE: For print jobs, you can expect faster delivery service when you submit the final PDF to UPR yourself.

If this is what you choose, please send your job to UPR and provide the PDF of the final deliverable, the quantity you seek, and the account number to charge.

UPR contact info:

If COFA M&C is managing the printing and delivery on your behalf, please add up to 2 days for delivery.

*For poster (11x17) or flier (8.5x11) jobs with a quantity of less than 20 copies, the M&C team will print them in house and deliver them to you.

For digital jobs (email, social, web), your COFA M&C lead will send the URL associated with the job to you once it’s live

That’s it!

Any questions? Contact one of the following COFA M&C team members:

Daniel King, kingd3@ohio.edu, 740.597.3340 | Kelee Riesbeck, riesbek1@ohio.edu, 740.593.2436



What M&C products does COFA’s team produce?

Here is a menu of products COFA M&C creates in collaboration with you and the time it takes to deliver/send/post it.

All assets must be secured before work on your job can begin. This includes text, messaging, images, and logos.

**If you don’t see the type of product you seek, you must describe it in the form. Once you submit your COFA M&C job request form, the select COFA M&C team member will follow up with you about job details, expected delivery, etc.

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