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Organization Fair

Student Organizations

This information is adopted from the current SGA Constitution.

Questions? Contact Student Affairs at your respective campus.

•    Athens: Sarah Lawrence 
•    Cleveland: Rachel Moore 
•    Dublin: Dr. Kayla Duty 

Student Organization Fair

All organizations must participate in the Fall Heritage College Organization Fair.

1.    Each organization participating in the Organization Fair must provide information to be displayed at an informational table.
2.    Each organization is responsible for adhering to the Organization Fair policy.

Organization Fair Policy

No student organization may register members prior to the Heritage College Organization Fair (with the exception of SOMA).

In an effort to allow more dissemination of information, all organizations may participate in the following limiting guidelines:

  1. Prior to the Organization Fair, each student organization may publicize its organization.
  2. Acceptable methods of publicity are limited to the following: signs/posters, one mass e-mail, tabling, and verbal communication.
  3. The purpose of all materials used must be informational or educational. These details may include information such as the organizational purpose, cost of signing up, date and time of the Organization Fair, events throughout the year and current officers.
  4. Materials may not contain any information allowing students to pre-register or sign-up for anything prior to the Organization Fair (such as raffles, giveaways, etc.) However, materials may publicize what will occur at the Organization Fair (i.e. raffle, drawing, etc.)
  5. Exceptions must be approved ahead of time by the SGA Vice President and SGA Advisor at your respective campus.