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Create a New Organization

Students who are interested in creating a new student organization should consider the following:

  • Can your campus meet the minimum requirements to be a student organization?
  • Will this organization exist on all three campuses or only one?
  • Can this org combine with an already existing organization to create more members and better programming?
  • Is there sufficient interest in this organization to sustain for more than one year?
  • Is there a faculty or staff member who is able and willing to serve as your advisor?

If you can meet the defined student organization criteria, you will need to submit the following information to your campus Student Affairs advisor:

  • Submit a copy of the organization by-laws and constitution
  • Prepare a listing of the org dues
  • Define a tentative schedule of events
  • Identify an advisor
  • Complete a roster list of officers and members
  • Complete an Ohio University Signature Card to create an organization financial account (Athens only)

This information should then be submitted to your campus Student Affairs office. Interest groups and organizations can be formed at any time during the academic year but first year members cannot be solicited until after the Fall organization fair.