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Organization Registration

Student Organizations

Tier 1- Registration with Ohio University

All student organizations are required to register with Ohio University annually.  

  • For new organizations, registration prompts the creation of a bank account. The Senate Appropriation Commission (SAC) gives each new organization $150 in startup funds (please note, this does not include clubs that were previously active on a campus and still have a bank account from that time).
  • If you are forming a new organization, or if the organization was not registered last year, a copy of the organization’s constitution must accompany the registration form. If the organization has a national affiliation, you must also submit a copy of the national constitution or statement of purpose.
  • Registration must be completed by the annual deadline, which will be provided at the spring Student Organization Training Meeting.
  • The organization will be notified upon approval of the registration. New organizations will be provided with their bank account information over the summer.

Necessary Forms:

Contact Department: 
Campus Involvement Center
Baker Center 355 and 339
Phone: 740.593.4025

Tier 2- Registration with the Heritage College

 All student organizations are required to register with the Heritage College annually. Please note you must complete the following steps before registering your organization. All student organizations:

1. Must elect new officers for the following academic year by March 31st. The President and Treasurer must attend mandatory leadership training at a date and time to be announced. All other officers are encouraged to attend. 

2. Must meet the minimum requirements of active members to be a student organization (Athens-10; Dublin-7; Cleveland-5). Multi-campus organizations must meet the expectations of the largest campus involved.

3. Each organization must have at least 3 officers as outlined by the organization's constitution. However, National charters for organizations may require more than 3 officers. Two of the 3 required officers must be a President and Treasurer. 

4. Must have an HCOM affiliated advisor. Each organization is responsible for obtaining this advisor and for defining the advisor’s role beyond that described in the Advisor Section in the student organization handbook. 

5. Should have a mission or purpose statement consistent with the college’s mission and goals.

6. Should indicate the amount the organization will charge individual members for annual or bi-annual dues (if desired).

Registration must be completed by June 2 using The Heritage College Student Organization Registration Form. Please email the Student Affairs representative at your campus if you are seeking registration after this deadline:

•    Athens: Sarah Lawrence 
•    Cleveland: Rachel Moore 
•    Dublin: Kayla Duty