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Legislative Affairs

Student Government Association

As a part of its mission, Student Government Association dedicates itself to educating the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine community about political issues that affect the medical and patient community. We support and organize student involvement in addressing issues that affect our profession – from the Higher Education Act to Insurance Liability Reform – through grassroots events like D.O. Day on the Hill, D.O. Day at the Statehouse and the Health Policy Forum.

D.O. Day on Capitol Hill


Grassroots advocacy continues to serve as an effective means of voicing opinions and concerns in the political arena. D.O. Day at the Statehouse, held in Columbus, Ohio, and D.O. Day on the Hill, a national AOA-sponsored event held Washington, D.C., give students an opportunity to visit with legislators and to lobby on issues of concern to the medical profession at both the state and federal levels. Students get the chance to meet with their respective senators and/or representatives and to advocate their stance on particular issues. Student government collaborates with AACOM and the OOA to bring students to these events.

Health Policy Forum

A project supported by the Ohio Osteopathic Association, this teleconferenced forum unites the osteopathic network throughout Ohio to discuss important health policy issues. Held every January, the Health Policy Forum informs the Ohio osteopathic community about the relationship between medicine and politics and offers opportunities for students to become active in the political process.

Legislative Sites

Ohio General Assembly

Need to find your representative or senator to the Ohio General Assembly? Interested in a piece of legislation? This is the place to do your search. This site also provides general information on state government in Ohio and legislative news.

United States House of Representatives

Use this official government site to identify the congressional representatives from your state and how to contact them. You can also investigate committees, task forces and other legislative topics on this site.

Senators of Congress

A division of the United States Senate page, this site lists U.S. senators from each state, their party affiliation and current class. It also lists contact information, including email addresses, and provides links to legislation and voting records.

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State Osteopathic Association

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