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SGA Officers - Cleveland

Student Government Association

Officers and Job Descriptions

Muro Kahyaoglu
Muro Kahyaoglu, President
Duties include presiding over SGA meetings and serving as the student representative to Heritage College administration at our campus and at national meetings on an alternating basis.


Norah Wilson
Norah Wilson, Vice President
Duties include presiding over any SGA meeting or event the president cannot attend and serving as a voting member of the SGA.


Trevor Boggess
Trevor Boggess, Secretary/Treasurer
Duties include maintaining SGA financial records, meeting minutes, agenda and schedule; coordinating SGA correspondence; and serving as a voting member of the SGA.


Sydney Ryan
Sydney Ryan, Student Director of Community Outreach
Duties include assisting Heritage College staff with coordinating volunteer opportunities for Year I and II students and maintaining and administering the TOUCH program.


Alex Kimble
Alex Kimble, Graduate Student Senate Department Representative
Duties include serving as a voting member of the SGA and the Ohio University Graduate Student Senate and advocating for the Heritage College at the OHIO Graduate Senate.


Shabeeb Hammad
Shabeeb Hammad, Student Director of Wellness
Duties include coordinating student wellness programming and advocating for student wellbeing initiatives. 


Ingrid Owusu
Ingrid Owusu, Student Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Duties include facilitating a well-rounded approach to diversity and inclusion at the Heritage College by serving as a liaison between SGA, SNMA and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on each respective campus and serving as a voting member of the SGA.